Re-exhibition · Akane dyed · (color of sunset) plant dyeing · wool stall

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Re-exhibition · Akane dyed · (color of sunset) plant dyeing · wool stall


It is a stool of wool, hand-dyed with 100% vegetable dye Akane (Akane). The width is about 30 cm, the length is about 170 cm.

I dyed it in a soft orange color like a slightly cloudy in the sky of the sunset. The fourth picture shows the color in a slightly darker color than the real thing with the light adjustment.

With moderate thickness of wool, the feeling is crispy, so you can use it pleasantly even when the temperature changes greatly.

It is warm when rolling round and round on the neck, and softly on the shoulder to give a gentle atmosphere. Court-in is also possible length.

In the winter season, it serves as a warm color fade color, a shade that makes your face turn bright.
Because red and orange is the color of fire and sun, it has been carefully thought from ancient times in Japan.

Akane is a vine plants of the Rubiaceae family and extracts dyes from its roots.

Akane (Akane) is a dye that has been loved since ancient times as it is also listed in "Manyoshuyu" in Japan and the oldest book of Chinese book "Shinto princess grass" in China, it is also a medicinal plant such as hemostasis and tonic .

This (wearing sunset color) wool stole dyed in a clear, warm color, like an acne, a slightly yellow light in red.

Also in the cold winter, please enjoy a warm straw straw vegetation that seems to stretch the spine suddenly.

◇ Ideal for gifts! Gift wrapping is available free of charge. Please inform me in dealings Navi.

◎ You can wash at home. "Neutral detergent" · "Push wash" · "Shade" is recommended.

◎ The vegetable dye has the possibility of "discoloration".

When it is not so dirty, please wash it gently with alone.

When the dirt is severe, dissolve "neutral detergent" (detergent for stylish wearing such as Emal or Akron) well in lukewarm water at 30 ° C and push wash gently.
Rinse lightly for about 2 minutes, take the water out with a towel, then apply ironing quickly, then dry it cleanly.

◎ Please wash clothes, hot water, washing machine, dryer, please avoid bleach.
Iron is medium temperature, please cloth and put it on please.

◎ Plant tree dye changes citrus juice and sunlight for a long time, even with aging etc., color gradually changes. When you have lots of sweat, please rinse thoroughly.

◎ If you leave it folded for long periods in a bright place, the folded part may sunburn. When not in use, please store it in a place where light does not enter, such as a box or a chest of drawers.

※ We also sell it in other places. In the unlikely event that purchases overlap, we will decide at the time we purchased. Humbly, thank you.
Width: about 30 cm
Total length: about 170 cm
Weight: 93 g
Material: Wool
Dye: Akane
Production area / production method
Japan / hand made

* Since we are making everything by hand, please understand as the one point which color and shape differ slightly for each work.

* Please confirm the "size" and "material" of the work before purchasing.

* The colors on the screen may differ from the actual ones. If you have any questions, please contact us.

※ When ordering multiple works, actual shipping fee and some errors may occur. Please note.
Production area / production method
Origin: Japan Handmade


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