☆ ☆ rare pattern ☆ happy pursuit of happiness FUGURO <large size>

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☆ ☆ rare pattern ☆ happy pursuit of happiness FUGURO &lt;large size&gt;


<One that carries happiness to you, only one beauty in the world>
The material of this "drawstring bag" is a kimono pattern of congratulatory patterns selected from thousands of sleeping in the chest. While firmly sewing the feelings of wishing for the happiness of those in hand, I finish with polite handicraft one by one. It is one point made with a traditional pattern with little market circulation. I am using a scarce kimono especially rare in the Kichiyo pattern.

<"Drawstring bag" is lucky which money is accumulated>
"Drawstring bag" has been used as wallet or valuables for a long time
It is also used for seven decoration of Sendai Tanabata.
Once you have tied cords firmly, once money you can not go out, it is regarded as a symbol of "conservation" "savings" "wealthy".

<Japanese gift>
I will wrap the feeling of "Thank you" for a gift for that important person as a souvenir for overseas.
Wildrant people once handed it in a bag of kimono cloth called "Fuguro" when giving gifts. It recreates traditional customs, remakes, wraps important things, gives a giftful reproductive culture to give, a heart of appreciation.

Because it is made of kimono as a material, it is perfect for taking overseas as a Japanese souvenir or presenting it to customers from abroad. It is bulky and convenient to carry.
For FUGURO, we are also preparing safe and pleasant English article product manuals for those who pass and receive.
Please use it as a communication tool.
* If you would like to have English description of item description, please do not hesitate to tell us.

<The sign of happiness kichiyo pattern>
It is a congratulatory pattern often used as a symbol of happiness, and knowing the meaning of Japanese patterns leads to touching the depths of Japanese culture that has been handed down from olden times. Various killer patterns are gathered from Tsurumi.

<The color of the lining is blue which images nature>
From blue, you can feel the vast nature image such as "sky", "sea", "water". It has a sedative effect, keeps reasoning and maintains a normal heart, so it is often used in business and learning scenes, and it is a favorable color favor for many people.
Blue is said to have such a psychological effect.
· Concentration UP
· The feeling calms down
· Control of appetite
· Promote sleep


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