TIDY mini mini wallet Organize and grow wallet L-shaped fastener Leather leather japan Japanese name engraved [Camel] HAW015

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TIDY mini mini wallet Organize and grow wallet L-shaped fastener Leather leather japan Japanese name engraved [Camel] HAW015


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbh2G8134Sw&feature=emb_title Organize x compact x speedy A wallet that you can't let go of once you have it. TIDY mini-Tidy mini- A compact wallet that pursues ease of use. It ’s palm-sized, but it ’s in your wallet. You can use it while keeping it tidy. https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidymini_01.jpg https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidymini_33.jpg https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidymini_03.jpg <Organize your wallet> The interior, which opens nearly 90 degrees, overlooks the inside of the wallet. Also, because there is a bill partition, I suddenly received a bill or receipt. You can store business cards while sorting them. Compared to a long wallet, the storage capacity is inevitably reduced, but The interior, which can be used while being neatly organized, can be stored more than you can imagine. <Payment smoothly> In the outer card pocket, electronic money, ICOCA, etc. If you store the card, you can store it without opening your wallet. You can shop and go through the ticket gates. The coin pocket has no zipper, so use the outer zipper If you open it, you can take it out immediately. Also, because it is an L-shaped fastener, opening and closing is better than a round fastener. It is smooth and easy to take out the stored items. https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidymini_06.jpg https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidymini_07.jpg https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidymini_08.jpg Keep your wallet tidy. https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidymini_09.jpg You can sort bills by type "Bill partition" https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidymini_11.jpg https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidymini_shikiri.gif If you fold each bill in half, you can take it out more smoothly. You can pay quickly. Easy to count if you want to take out two or three bills It can be managed in a very easy-to-remove state. https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidymini_toridashi.gif Pay quickly With electronic money or credit card rather than cash Nowadays, we often pay. As the computerization progresses, it is compact and easy to put in and take out cards. Now is the time when a small wallet with a minimum amount of cash is convenient. https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidymini_13.jpg https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidymini_14.jpg https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidymini_15.jpg Pursuing smart payments, we have eliminated coin purse fasteners. You can pay with faster operation by eliminating the hassle that you always had. https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidymini_16.jpg The outer zipper tape is the same color as the leather. Despite its compact size, it has an elegant color that suits adults. "Growing wallet" Leather aging Leather grows. "Pull-up leather" that becomes glossier and deeper as you use it Used on the entire surface. It is a pleasure unique to genuine leather that can be used habitually for a long time. https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidymini_17.jpg After six months of use, genuine leather has a completely different texture and color from new ones. The process is one of the pleasures that the word "grow leather" is perfect for. Please enjoy how it changes day by day. https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidymini_18.jpg https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidymini_19.jpg https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/allleather_long/halle_long18.jpg The more you use it, the more glossy and deep it becomes. It is such a wallet that you can attach to it even after many years. https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/kizu.gif https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidymini_20.jpg https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/allleather_long/leatherattention.jpg ■ Color https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidymini_21.jpg https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidymini_22.jpg https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidymini_23.jpg Choco https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/5qYtpaTh Camel https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/pHPurib5 Black https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/Z2qLTZC8 Wine red https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/QCFqRWF9 Navy https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/9wMebwFY Dark green https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/VtLaSgMA ■ size https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidymini_24.jpg W11.0 × H8.5 × D1.8cm ■ weight 85g □ About the fabric Vegetable tannin tanned, pull-up leather. * Pull-up leather is leather that has been soaked in plenty of oil. It features a moist texture and is easily changed over time. We hope that you will use it and grow your wallet. 4 card pockets 2 other pockets 1 outer card pocket There is a wallet partition With coin purse (without zipper) YKK fasteners https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/itemsyousai/TIDY/tidymini_25.jpg ■ Name stamp * Up to 3 characters This product is compatible with the name engraving option (charged). If you wish, please purchase the option together from this URL. https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/5cQBk232 https://gigaplus.makeshop.jp/hallelujah8/catepage/wrap_ms01.jpg □ Gift wrap This item supports gift wrapping (charged). How about a gift for your loved one? https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/Js9D9NeS


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