Party, to the wedding. 2way handbag, handbag band remake

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It is a handbag which finishes one point, one point carefully using silk reuse band. It is a bag that has been very popular among many customers.


Party, to the wedding. 2way handbag, handbag band remake


It is a 2way handbag back with a reuse band. The chain can be removed and you can use it as a handbag. Suitable for wedding, party, kimono, everyday going out ... It is a back you can use widely in various scenes. Just by matching with your one-piece dress or formal one-piece dress, it becomes a dress for parties and wedding ceremonies. It is the back made by the professional of clothes. An active working patterner carefully handmade it. 】 Pattern (sewing pattern) of sewing, back is in charge of current apparel, and a patterner (paper craftworker) is in charge. The bag's line is beautiful and sewing is finely polished carefully. 【Back using one piece of reuse silk band】 I use the silk band of reuse. You can turn your dress in a bag one glitteringly into a party scene. [Handbags, because it can be used with 2way of a handbag, you can use it in various scenes] It is a handbag back that fits formally and casually. Because the chain is removable, please use it as a handbag or handbag, according to the scene. 【Gusseted handbag. Design with tassel to reduce trend feeling】 Because there is depth with gusset, it is back with storage power. Today, a trendy tassel is on one point. Tassels are removable. A general long wallet, a back of the size to enter a gift bag. Since inner pocket is also attached, it can store a little things separately. 【Recommended back to this one】 · Make a simple one-piece dress upgrade, party, people who want a back that can be used for weddings. · Those who think that it is wasteful not to be able to use it only at parties and wedding ceremonies because the price of party party bags on the market is expensive. Those who want a back that can be used everyday. · Those who like kimono. Those who want to enjoy the world view of kimono even in clothes. · If you are looking for gifts for loved ones. Gifts for foreigners, mothers and grandmothers. (Gift wrapping is available free of charge.) Body: Surface: silk belt, reverse side: belt lining, middle: cotton 100%