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    Pearl × crystal quartz bracelet giving off soft elegance. Healing energy healing pearl and clear gloss feels comfortable
  • "Material"

    ✧ Freshwater Pearl Freshwater Pearl ✧

    [Stone of motherly love that shines the inner charm of a woman]

    It brings a kind warmth and compassion like my mother to consider the surroundings. It will heal your heart with great capacity, increase femininity, and lead to energy that emphasizes beauty.

    ✧ Crystal Quartz Crystal Quartz ✧

    [A versatile stone that enhances energy with powerful purification power]

    There is energy that leads every wish such as love, success, health to reality. It combines with other power stones to promote harmony and increases power.

    Bezel: gold plated

    Bracelet chain · All other metal fittings: 14 kgf yellow gold


    Bracelet: Total length about 17 cm

    Please understand beforehand that there may be differences in the color and shading of the item depending on the shooting environment and PC monitor etc used by your monitor.

    ✶ The part which touches directly on the skin is a material of 14 kgf crimped the popular gold overseas so there is also a sense of security.

    ※ Natural stones are subject to actual work and there may be slight differences in nature's patterns etc. (on the fluctuation of inventory), but since there is no significant difference in design, please purchase after acknowledgment .

    ✶ This work can be changed to piercing ⇄ non-hole earrings (earrings). If you wish to change, please fill in the remarks column earrings or non-hole earrings.

    Please understand beforehand that there may be differences in the color and shading of the item depending on the shooting environment and PC monitor etc used by your monitor.

    ❂ About items

    Because it is a jewelry with natural stone as the main, please acknowledge beforehand that some parts including variations due to color and shape, inclusions (cracks), cracks (inclusion) are included.

    Please understand that the vintage material contains the vintage peculiar texture etc. passed through a long month.

    Since jewelry is very delicate, it will lead to breakage, such as falling or impact due to hard objects etc, because of water, so please handle with sufficient care.

    Please purchase on your understanding that it is handmade work.

    Because we deal with overseas parts, price fluctuation may be forced due to fluctuation of exchange rate so we appreciate your understanding.

    Since there are also works that can be changed to pierced earring ⇄ non-hole earrings (earrings), please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Other, if there are any questions or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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    美国US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    加拿大US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    巴西US$ 7.11US$ 0.00
    意大利US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    捷克共和国US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    黎巴嫩US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    尼泊尔US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    立陶宛US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    柬埔寨US$ 5.67US$ 0.00
    法国US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    爱尔兰US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    挪威US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    文莱US$ 5.67US$ 0.00
    澳大利亚US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    新加坡US$ 5.67US$ 0.00
    土耳其US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    斯洛文尼亚US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    中国大陆US$ 5.67US$ 0.00
    智利US$ 7.11US$ 0.00
    比利时US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    泰国US$ 5.67US$ 0.00
    德国US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    香港US$ 5.67US$ 0.00
    菲律宾US$ 5.67US$ 0.00
    西班牙US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    乌克兰US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    荷兰US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    印度尼西亚US$ 5.67US$ 0.00
    波兰US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    芬兰US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    瑞典US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    拉脱维亚US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    南韩US$ 5.67US$ 0.00
    匈牙利US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    瑞士US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    新西兰US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    俄罗斯US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    保加利亚US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    罗马尼亚US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    葡萄牙US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    爱沙尼亚US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    阿拉伯联合酋长国US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    印度US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    英国US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    马来西亚US$ 5.67US$ 0.00
    越南US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    希腊US$ 6.39US$ 0.00
    日本US$ 1.62US$ 0.00
    台湾US$ 5.67US$ 0.00
    澳门US$ 5.67US$ 0.00
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