Gecko (Mr. gecko) v [kengtaro / Kentaro] white gecko and opal borosilicate glass


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  • A lucky charm that will protect the house, yamori (gecko).
    House yamori live from the old days had been said to be peace.

    White gecko is like God's incarnation.

    In the center of the pendant artificial black opal is embedded, it will light when the light enters and sparkling.

    Some of the work there is also a thing that is produced by mixing the colored glass that reacts to black light.
    In places where the black light, such as karaoke boxes and club is illuminated, it will be to show me the tint that unlike usually.

    Clarity of glass unique.
    Beautiful glow that vary depending on the nature and the angle of the light.
    In addition to the charm of the glass, by the technology and design, the glass work of Kentaro packed with charm that does not taste in the other.

    Material borosilicate glass

    Using the heat resistance and durability glass called a borosilicate glass (Pyrex) have been produced.
    Excellent heat-durability, the glass is also used, such as test tube for physics and chemistry.

    Transparency is very high, depending on the color and viewing angle of the light striking, color and appearance will change.

    Because of the rigid than the traditional craft for glass, use the oxygen burner that becomes a high temperature than the air burner, it works in about 2500 ℃ of flame. While making full use of the unique and versatile technique, they are made one by one by the hand of the artist "kengtaro".

    [Size] Length: about 43mm × Horizontal: 38mm × thickness: 26mm

    It is a glass work of one point ones by kengtaro.

    * At the time of the photo shoot, we have considered so that we can possibly express the real color of, but it might look different from the real thing by the lower limit and the PC environment of light or the like.
    Origin / production method
    Origin: Japan handmade
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Gecko (Mr. gecko) v [kengtaro / Kentaro] white gecko and opal borosilicate glass

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