The indigo dyeing hemp wrapping cloth (Noboru Yamaji)

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The indigo dyeing hemp wrapping cloth (Noboru Yamaji)


Apparel tailoring fine linen fabric which is also used in large-format cloth (wrapping cloth) of 90 × 90cm in, it was carefully dyed in this indigo dyeing. Linen unique, feel that sense of Shari. Enough to be used, such as in apparel of shirting, uses a soft choice of linen fabric. And say applesauce and crepe, I think of those of cotton, but things really and feels like a pipe dream, there are many fabric Petatto heavy texture. Linen yarn soft of flux, the thread a little sense of Shari, soft, look at the linen fabric woven in moderate density and lightness, applesauce and companion journey, I would like now to large-sized cloth can also be used in interior It was. Also stick to sewing thread, instead of the usual polyester yarn, select the natural easy to enter the color in dyed yarn, such as Me this indigo, it has carried out sewing. Because the size is 90cm angle, travel and, is a firm can use size when carrying luggage. Because the fabric is not bulky in the diluted, it has become a good finish and easy to use that "large is also serves as a small". Dyed, this indigo dyeing by Me craftsman indigo laden with training in Tokushima home. And Sukumo fermented the Tadeai, such as by using the wheat off to make a dyed liquid in the indigo jar, we encourage the fermentation and stir every day. For dyed and not fermentation does not turn, it is the real thing that only can be dyed to spring-autumn. Denim, such as, very different chemical indigo and the indigo so-called Indigo, in the chemical indigo but contains the beautiful colors at one time, the indigo is Yuki deeply the color also piled dyed the color many times . To dark blue, even a dozen times, immersed in Aiu, out with, dyed by oxidizing, Masu Yuki repeatedly. Hard this indigo to enter the yarn, the minute color is hard to leave, is an image of denim chemical indigo, in terms of "discoloration" is referred to as the stronger than chemical indigo. (Please be careful to friction.) The indigo dyeing because of the product dyed, you can make dyed from the work-up is wrapping cloth itself. It becomes plain when it is immersed, but in technique called aperture (iris), I put the handle. Aperture, when performing a dyed immersed in Aiu, tying folded cloth, or through a needle, you dyed by changing the shape and squeeze the cloth. By the shape of the cloth, divided into parts dye to enter, enter not part. Those to the handle by applying this, it called the iris pattern. Because there is not some, such as the type, not the clear color of the border, all will be in the gradient. Infinite strength of indigo is mingle pattern from white to dark blue is, deep inside is really beautiful. [Handle] The round shape of the handle, which is one of the iris pattern of the pattern was boldly put. It was named moonlit night. Material 100% linen (Me this indigo dyeing) [Size] 90cm × 90cm (because it is a product dyed, so will result in an error due to some shrinkage, please understand.) [Note on handling] The first few times, you can choose to either wash separately from the usual laundry, please refer to the water through. In the case of Me this indigo, is it is rare to be a big fall colors as the so-called denim. Due to friction, but there is that color shifts, as long as it is within your range of as a pipe dream, I think that you can use it without any problems. Even if the color has moved, but it is often fall Wash, we ask that you please pay attention to the time of use.


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