Lily and deer brooch

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Lily and deer brooch


Lily flower motif Flower language is pure innocence A sacred flower that is a symbol of chastity dedicated to the Virgin Mary We expressed how deer enjoyed the scent of flowers in the flower garden. With a lot of lily flower white, leaf yellow-green, gentle egg color lace and soft glass bead color It is a work where you can feel the warmth and healing of nature as a whole. A gift for those who like flowers, animals and deer motifs. ● Online shop-limited product ● * Material: Motif (resin clay, resin) Brooch fitting (brass plating) Logo plate (brass plating) Lace, glass beads (vintage) * Size: Body diameter 3.5cm Total length including ribbon 9.0cm * Brooch fitting: Rotating pin With Vatican fittings for necklace (You can use it as a necklace if you pass your simple chain. * Please note that no chain is included.) ● We will wrap the gifts * Sold out at other social markets and may be sold out. Please understand. ... Notes on products ... ・ Depending on your terminal and environment, the color and texture of the actual photo may look slightly different. ・ All clay parts are produced one by one by hand. Contains delicate parts. -Includes parts using gold or silver paint. In addition, the surface is coated, but scratching with a sharp object may cause scratches. ・ Because it is a delicate work, it lacks strength compared to the commercially available one. Pulling with a strong force, fragile if dropped. This product is sensitive to water, direct sunlight, and humidity. Please be careful. ・ Small parts are included. Please be careful not to accidentally eat children and pets. ・ It is not a metal allergy compatible product. Do not use if you have sensitive skin. ・ If you feel that the metal fittings can be removed easily, please contact the address on the enclosed shop card. We will repair or replace it. ● Free Shipping ● It is a postage service by ordinary mail. If you wish other shipping methods, please enter in the remarks. In that case, the actual cost will be charged. ★ Please enter the code in the remarks column when using LINE @ coupon.


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