Kona引 7 Sunsara ✚


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  • Made of flame
    I'm glad you enjoy warm look.

    You difference a little weight.

    Vessel of Kona引 is easy to texture is rough and color penetration
    It is about to become tasty use.
    Please enjoy also change of hue.

    Also those who dirty anxious and wet to quickly water before use each time
    Oil stain is a little like.
    I'm happy if you are able to in the habit even troublesome.

    But there unevenness out, such as small stones or impurities
    I'm glad if you could think that personality characteristic possessed by this clay.

    With pounding without dirt care
    I'm glad if you could grow.

    Photograph right sold
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Kona引 7 Sunsara ✚

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