Izu earth tile set (Walnut)

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Izu earth tile set (Walnut)


Japanese food is attracting attention from the world. When we eat on tatami mats, we eat a meal set in front of each. Although the custom of using the meal has almost disappeared in recent years, the world of Japanese food spreads with the dishes of the bowl and dish, etc, which stood out on the square shape of the meal, such as rice, broth and three dishes . Why do not you review the world of your meal for a moment? Even if it is used for a small interior accessory display. Even if it is used as accent of height on the table. Izu It is a tight grid of two types of tiles of tile and white glazed tiles. I tried to express the world view of the Izu earth pattern with a meal. The base and legs are made of wood. It is a kind of walnut tree. The wooden parts of the base and leg are made by a woodworking artist Hiroko Yamamoto. It will be a collaboration work with Mr. Yamamoto. Yamamoto san shop page ↓ https://www.iichi.com/shop/YamamotoHiroki Izu earth pattern I did not clay the clay that I digged with Izu, stick it thinly and paste it on the cloth, and the black part when I dug the soil is burning out a natural pattern as it is. Earth's original pattern is burning out. Izu earth is designed as an accent of pottery, and I create it everyday. The Izu earth tile is affixed Izu soil, and glaze is not hanging on that part, but it is baked and water repellent agent (there is no effect on the human body) is also applied after firing so water There is no penetration into this part. Please enjoy the texture so that the pattern varies by 1 coat. It will not peel off with a slight impact (such as scratching). But if you apply a strong impact (the body itself cracks) it lacks. There is no problem with normal use. Material: ceramic, wood (walnut) Horizontal 285 mm × depth 285 mm × height 135 mm Size of one tile → about 47 mm × 47 mm Weight: 1400 g ● We also have iron made meals. Izu earth tiles (iron legs) https://www.iichi.com/listing/item/896615 The photograph is an actual article. The sake machine on the photo, Ochiko is a reference work for display. It is not included in this product. ※ This product becomes pottery. Inside, water stoppers are applied with water repellent (which does not affect the human body) that prevents water from getting into it, but while using it little by little tea leaves etc soak into the gaps of the glaze I will. It is better to avoid leaving tea etc for a long time. * Since we are making everything by hand, please understand as the one point which color and shape differ slightly for each work. Since patterns are improvised, the pattern differs slightly one by one. Unless stated as "actual item", it will be different from the picture. Though we send you, if you would like to see a picture such as color taste, please send a message "Photograph hope" from the banner "Ask questions and consult about this work" before ordering.


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