Linen knit stall khaki

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Linen knit stall khaki


Introducing the socks, linen knit that had gotten popular. Rare in the world, linen knit (knitting) technology, originally Yamagata Prefecture Kenrando company that has continued long the production of knitwear collection brand around the wool, was completed by repeated research technology. Of linen weave, but there are a lot to handle Pint! But from conventional, linen knit is rarely seen. Here, the stall of linen knit (knitting). The difference between stall weaving of linen, be less likely to wrinkle. Linen itself is prone to wrinkles, but, in the case of a knit structure, wrinkles of worry will be less. Rounded small, even if I carry to put in the bag, there is no problem. Indoor cooling measures and in the summer, also in the scene, such as travel, takes an active part. Because linen is a material, it is and softness, also lightness Features. In addition, use, soft texture will become increasingly by one wash. Size also, somewhat compact size that does not choose the tops. Since even high water absorption and quick drying, is also recommended to the rainy season and the summer. Taken together, such as a shirt in dressed like put on both shoulders, the elegant impression. Taken together to cut, you can use it to casual. Also, I use it as a towel stall taking advantage of the water-absorbing quick-drying, is he likely to be in the outdoors. Use the linen of Europe, it is woven over one by one time in Yamagata. That the single yarn, by using the thread that did not spend more, more so that the characteristics of linen yarn itself out, has braided Good from the material. New linen of Manufacturing a "linen knit", Please try by all means. 【size】 60cm x 170cm 【Color】 Khaki (There is many other color) [Material] 100% linen About your laundry] You can wash at home. Dries quickly, so less likely to wrinkle iron is not required, you can use on a daily basis peace of mind. Than hand washing, for uniform consuming way of load, we recommend washing machine wash. In order to prevent catching the, please use the laundry net. [2016/8/1 price change] The raw materials soaring, manufacturer price has been changed. We ask that you acknowledge.


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