Ryukyu glass Hair orange mix

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Ryukyu glass Hair orange mix


The cullet of Ryukyu glass, is a hair elastic coated with resin. Only color with the glass, the other in coloring unit is not sealed. Please enjoy the color of the Ryukyu glass itself. In a rectangle-shaped, luxury packed the various forms of color and of cullet, Overlapping cullet is, by the refraction of light, Guests can enjoy a variety of facial expressions. ※ Since the image will be in the sample, Cullet of the size of the glass is different each, color depth and shape of, different. All because one point .. becomes, please understand in advance. It is such as placement of the caret, in the production process, so we decided to look at the color atmosphere and size of, is what design is delivered enjoy from reaching ... If the design is a concern, if you can let us know in the message, I will send the image, thank you. Size diameter of about 18mm Since it becomes a handmade one by one, design and color, there are times when the size is slightly different, but please understand that. Thank you so enjoy as one point mono. * I try to make the polite, but you may enter the minor scratches and bubbles because it is handmade goods. In addition there is no strength, such as off-the-shelf. * On the properties of the resin product, it may be discolored by long-time direct sunlight and aging. ※ There is a case where the difference of the viewing environment, some of the errors in the color of the picture and works occur. Please note. ... About the delivery method ○ In the normal shipping, we will ship wrapped in bubble wrap. Regarding shipping second resin earrings, in order to prevent bending of the resin, so will be shipped in a state in which remove the mount, we ask that you acknowledge it beforehand. ○ it will be shipped by the mail outside a fixed form. There is no compensation at the time of loss and breakage. Please note. (If you wish to courier service of compensation have, please contact us by message) ○ Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, please understand that it does not have the shipping. ○ per handmade work, basically I hope in a no claim no return. ... The wrapping to your choice of customers ○ Free gift wrapping, it will be considered as a bag-like thing. ○ box-like gift wrapping, so you will 100 yen box price, please understand. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a question before ordering.


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