Silver & Peridot ring KIRICO (Chirico)

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Silver & Peridot ring KIRICO (Chirico)


It carved a pattern of Edo Kiriko style ring "KIRICO". Japan ancient engraving technology, we subjected the sum carved by the chisel. Made Silver925. In wide flat out type, it is a design, which enjoy a faceted pattern plenty. The center has been stone bear in crowded face down a large peridot. In order to put the carved in chisel that give sharpening shiny after all of the finish was over, carved after you light and glitter. The carving of the sum pattern to wide matte ring, because it put in the balance with a margin, the stone is large comparatively is the impression of the sum of calm in the overall design. Brilliant cut is refreshing Muscat color of Peridot was is a beauty with a strong presence in the larger Me. Peridot ... bring a positive brightness like the sun / marital harmony symbol / amulet It has been said and so on. Newly manufactured in your favorite stone size in the build-to-order manufacturing is also possible. About three to four weeks to the production period will be charged. How to Care: To enjoy forever beautiful jewelry, when not in use is recommended storage in such plastic pack with a sealing performance. If the dirt is a concern you can care at Silver Cross. ※ we have a coated with natural materials of the coating agent to prevent discoloration. Rhodium plating to prevent discoloration from ※ also available at 500 yen plus. We have a plating of basically nickel free in aica. When the rhodium coating, close to platinum, will be silver color with a little Kuroppo of. Material: Silver925 Peridot Size: # 13 Stone Size: 4mmX5mm Width: about 5.4mm Thickness: about 1mm ※ we have taken a photo of the actual image is transmitted. However, should you have any questions, please contact us. Origin / production method Origin: Japan handmade


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