Green quartz 14KGF American earrings April birthstone

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Green quartz 14KGF American earrings April birthstone


Very beautiful quartz with rare colors In words you gave me, "Color similar to the color of the underwater lake, colors that are likely to be drawn to this transparency" Since the expression of the pierced earrings changes by adjusting the length of the chain, it can be used in various scenes. · Material - All 14 KGF - Peacock green quartz / green quartz (onion briolette cut): about 8 - 9 mm · Size - Total length: Approx 93 mm * As much as possible we are trying to shoot in colors close to the actual thing, but the impression changes according to the condition of light is the feature of natural stone. ************ Quartz (quartz) April birthstone The power of the crystal is "harmonious, integrated, strengthened". And it is known as a stone that brings out excellent purification action. It creates harmony for everything, as well as stones, and it leads us to integrate them well and bring out even more powerful power. And due to the excellent purification effect, the minus energy absorbed by other power stone and various waves are returned to the original clean state. It would be better to utilize clusters for purification of such stones. It is said that a completely transparent crystal will make the goal and the way to go forward more clearly and support the realization of dreams. Quartz also helps revitalize the mind and body, bloom the potential ability, strengthen intuition and imagination, and so on. Indeed, it is not too much to say as a versatile entity among the power stones. Even with the same quartz, the power is different depending on its shape and inclusion. Crystal (quartz) stone story · legend · saying The quartz which has been processed and used as beads and accessories by people's hands from ancient times can be said to be the most familiar and popular stone. Alias "Crystal". It is said that this etymology comes from "Crystal Ross" meaning "Translucent ice". Crystal is also a national stone that represents Japan, which calls the Japanese name "crystal". It is said that it was used as a sacred ceremony and the like as a spiritual stone, and it is said that it is a stone that the spirit resides in older, "Shimizu". Healing effect of quartz (quartz) It is said to activate life force, to enhance the immune system as well as cell regeneration power, and to eliminate toxins accumulated in the body. ************ Natural Stone Power Stone Gold K14GF 14kgf 14KGF Gold Filled Accessories Jewelry Jewelry Stone America American Earrings Earrings Chain Earrings Handmade Earrings Non Hole Piercing Presents Gift New Work 2018 Cool Transparent Sense Green Green Sea Quartz ************


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