MA2 glass beads bracelet ⇔ anklet "BURGER①"

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MA2 glass beads bracelet ⇔ anklet "BURGER①"


Was produced by a technique of the burner work, is the anklet of handmade glass beads. You can use it as a bracelet. It is unisex. And the beads were placed in a hamburger pattern in transparent glass, we have a combination of Italian leather that hit the studs. Kawahimo is the leather straps of yellow. Hamburger pattern rather than painted on the surface, making the parts in the glass, we have produced while embedded in the glass was dissolved. Leather part is bonded two struck the studs, we have a carefully edge polish. ★ handmade glass beads of all the original design that was produced by hand. ★ not to acrylic or plastic, it is the accessories that enjoy the texture of the glass unique. Size: 19 ~ 33cm (you can easily adjustable length and slide the knot.) Material: Glass: Metal: Leather ※ The image is a reference image. It will deliver a thing of the same design, but please understand that there is a slight difference in the size of how to enter and beads of pattern per handmade. ※ There is a possibility to enter the scratch or crack and give a strong impact because it is glass. The handling we ask that you please note. **Notes at the time of purchase** All so we have produced by hand ※ Please understand as a point product color and shape is slightly different for each work. ※ thank you enough so that you please confirm the "size" and "material" in the work before you buy. ※ In the real on the screen may look different colors. If you have any questions, please contact us. When ordering of multiple work ※, may actual postage and some errors will occur. Please note.


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