Gemstone Ring of Opal October Birthstone

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A very beautiful opal ring. I made each one carefully.



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Gemstone Ring of Opal October Birthstone


Wrapping is possible for ~ ~ ~ + 250 yen ♪ ~ ~ ~ Instagram: ralulushu Also works and videos are also UP ・ Material -K14 Gold Filled, ring width: about 1.2 mm -Button cut Ethiopian opal: 3 to 4 mm (pure natural, unstained) Please note that 10 stones are not always because they are adjusted by thickness and carat, not by number. ★ Because opal is the only gem that contains water, some places like jars and glasses filled with water are used to moisturize jewelry stores. Be careful not to place it in a dry place, as it loses its color and may lose its color if it loses water, and it may become cloudy and cracked. Attention to oil and cosmetics ★ ・ Size -Please be sure to specify the number of issues from the option column. Please note that the size can not be changed after production on the design. ※ We try to shoot in colors close to the actual thing as much as possible, but the impression changes depending on the condition of the light is a feature of natural stone. *************** We have carefully selected beautiful stones with transparent ground color in pale gold color and green, blue, cyan, and orange color effect that floats as if light fairy is playing around. Every day that attracts opportunities and opportunities and continues to realize the desires that are at the heart of the heart. Water opal reveals the aspiration in the center of the heart and affirms “it's yourselves” as being high and gives you many powers and opportunities to get closer to its true form, reliable and beautiful It is a stone. If you embrace this stone, you will receive absolute love for yourself, including your heartfelt wishes, and you will feel confident and proceed with confidence from the bottom of your heart saying, "This wish is good to be granted." I will be able to go in the direction. Not only can you feel a sense of liberation that allows you to get permission as it is, but it is a stone that pulls out the energy, motivation, and power that makes you want to challenge in various ways, and your body curls up. It is also. The fear of "doesn't work" and the guilt of "Will such a wish come true, is it worth me?" Fades away, and what remains is the pure light itself You should be able to feel yourself. If you want to enjoy your life while realizing that you have the chance and opportunity you want to use as you wish, you are the stones that you would like to wear. *************** ※ With K14GF (14 gold gold filled) It is a popular and popular material in Europe and the United States because you can easily enjoy the real quality of gold's steady glow. Unlike thin gold plating of gold layer, it is made by heat-pressing the gold layer of 1 / 20th weight of the base metal by heat, and the gold layer is thick, so even long-term use, it peels off or wears away There is almost no exposure. Also, unlike gold plating, it is smooth and has a deep glow. (There is a thickness of gold plating over 100 times). Allergy is a material that is hard to come out, but please be aware that it does not cause all people to become allergy free. *************** Thank you very much for seeing it. We pay close attention to the finished condition Please order after understanding that it is handmade. Please feel free to ask questions before ordering if you have any concerns. About resizing: Please feel free to ask questions as there is something that can be done.


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