Bringing the seeds of talent American earrings of Herkimer Diamond and Freshwater Pearl April Birthstone

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It is an American earrings of the highest grade small grain Herkimer diamond and freshwater pearl. Teri's fine freshwater pearls and high transparency, sparkling diamonds like real diamonds are earrings that are reminiscent of snow and ice crystals.



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Bringing the seeds of talent American earrings of Herkimer Diamond and Freshwater Pearl April Birthstone


Wrapping is possible for ~ ~ ~ + 250 yen ♪ ~ ~ ~ Instagram: ralulushu ・ Material -All 14 kgf -Herkimer Diamond (Crystal): about 7 to 9 mm (The same shape does not exist as it is in the form of a natural gemstone.) ☆ This stone looks like it has been cut, but because it is a rough stone, there are cracks (scratches), black spots, inclusions such as air bubbles (inclusions) in the appearance. It is natural and can not be avoided. I hope you will love it and that stone's personality ☆ -Freshwater pearl (pearl): about 3 mm loose stains and scratches: less, Teri: good shape: rice) (RALULU.SHU is not cheap shellfish pearls, Swarovski pearls, but uses real freshwater pearls of good quality) Why not use shellfish pearl etc. The price is cheap, there are no scratches, and the shape is good, but it looks so cheap compared to natural pearls and there is no elegance ・ Size -American earrings: about 10 cm ※ Please refer to the image's sense of touch, including light reflection. ※ We try to shoot in colors close to the actual thing as much as possible, but the impression changes depending on the condition of the light is a feature of natural stone. *************** Stone that brings forth the seeds of talent April Birthstone Herkimer diamonds are crystals of mineralogy, but they have very different energy than regular crystals. Some people say that Herkimer Diamonds are "seeds" as their shape. It is the seed of hope, the energy that brings people who have the seed of talent into flowers ... Herkimer diamonds are also called dream crystals. It is not only because of its shape, but because it is said that having this stone can make a very vivid forecasting dream, and that dream gives a very important notice, its name is widely used Did. The fantastic figure at the time of production looks like something of a fairy, and it is also known as the name Dream Crystal because of its mysterious image and the power hidden in the Herkimer Diamond called “The Dream Stone”. *************** It is the birthstone of June. Stone language is "health, wealth, longevity, purity and so on". Freshwater pearl that brings happiness Freshwater pearl is considered to be a powerful stone that repels disasters. It is said to have the effect of improving the environment so that every day of the person who holds it can be happy. Freshwater pearls are said to have the effect of enhancing femininity and enhancing beauty and femininity when worn, and it is believed that Cleopatra was worn as a talisman of beauty. Wearing freshwater pearls brings out the positive aspects of women, has a coordinated effect, and enhances feminine beauty as well as internal appearance. It has been believed since ancient times that this stone has the power to keep youth and health. ***************


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