【Electronic parts】 Electronic parts brooch set


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  • 【About the work】
    It is a set of 3 kinds of brooch of electronic parts.

    · DIP switch (red · 10 poles) → rotation pin
    · DIP switch (blue · 8 pole) → rotation pin
    · Red 7-segment LED → pin batch

    ※ Rotating pin is a type of safety pin turning pin fastening pin.
    It is harder to detach than a normal pin and you can firmly fix it.

    ※ About DIP switch
    Each DIP switch can be switched between ON and OFF.
    It is small, but a presence unique to real parts comes out.
    The cute DIP switch whose appearance is POP is a part to be incorporated inside the electronic equipment and on the board,
    If you live normally you will never see anything.

    People who understand will say "Why is the DIP switch there!"
    Since the surface part is matte finish, the display part is not reflected and it looks firmly.
    Although it is unique, it also has a calm atmosphere.

    ※ About the red 7-segment LED
    It is the most seven segment LED indicator among LED indicators.
    Bus fare indication, calculator, game center, etc. It is one of indispensable LED indicators for our lives.

    【You can use like this】

    To bag, to hat, to pouch.
    Matching at a couple.
    To present to your friends.

    Because it is a pin type it is attached to various places.
    I am able to wear both men and women, but the impression that men in particular will be glad.
    We attach it to original mount, we will deliver politely.

    【Size (including parts part)】
    DIP switch (red) W 2.7 mm × H 1.0 mm × D 1.5 mm
    DIP switch (blue) W 2.2 mm × H 1.0 mm × D 1.5 mm
    LED indicator W 1.0 mm × H 1 .3 mm × D 1.5 mm
    Production place / Production method
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【Electronic parts】 Electronic parts brooch set

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