Handmade baby gift Vest grosgrain knit of the star

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Dottocheck 逛设计馆

1~3 日
Handmade baby gift  Vest grosgrain knit of the star


Size: 80cm

Target age: Until around 0-3 years old

A color: navy × pink

Dress material> grosgrain knit (43% of polyester, wool 38%, acrylic 19%)

Lining> dot flannel (100% of cotton)

Washing: Please use it after making drying in the sun after hand-washing, and being dried well.
As I do not preshrink it, I may shrink after washing to some extent. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

The best using the refined grosgrain knit. As is easy to put quickly, and only fasten the front with a snap; as for the change of clothes easily.
The best is the almighty item which is convenient for the temperature control of the baby in autumn as the change of the temperature is intense until ... winter, the early spring!

A round was French to a cut hem and took embroidery of the best will. It is the design which star of one of the chest smiles at without feeling pretty.
You can use it regardless of man and woman and are recommended as it is easy to coordinate.

As the lining is comfortable, and the heat retention uses one of outstanding cotton flannel, I do not mind Chiku Chiku peculiar to knit and am all right. The baby should be able to sense good comfort bodily, too.
It is a recommended item in a present.

[recommended use]
A present: Because one one celebration, Christmas is handmade, it is different in the form of embroidery and the star little by little, and there is no same thing as one a baby gift, a birthday.

※It is handmade and produces it one by one. There are some errors in the form of hand embroidery and the star, but thank you for your understanding beforehand.

[about build-to-order manufacturing]
Please refer for the visitor wanting plural orders willingly.
Of the all one point thing some differences go to a design and the form of the cloth to handle it, but please let suggest it.

Please confirm Shop-Guide, Terms of Use before an order by all means from "ABOUT".
If there are any questions, please refer from "CONTACT".
Production center / production method
A production center: Japan is handmade


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