Elva Matte Emerald Green Purse Round Zip

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An adult wallet (long size) can change the exterior into a tri-fold type or a round zip type at any time, and it will be close to you at that time according to your preference change and lifestyle. It is oriented to attach the interior and can be either r



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Elva Matte Emerald Green Purse Round Zip


u and to propose a new-style wallet that can replace the interior and exterior without using any tools. <For repeat customers or customers who wish to purchase only the exterior> As you can sell only the exterior, please contact us by message. We will show you the sales page. [Exterior only: ¥ 7500.00 (JPY)] As the interior specification is introduced here, please see. https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/4BSDpLc4 We introduce how to introduce and install the works on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJqmTc518SU&t=22s Customers who are purchasing for the first time will receive the interior decoration. <Material data> Leather Name: Elvamat To be born: Italy Animal name: Ushi How to eat: Tanning Coloring: Dye Finishing method: oil leather Aging: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ★ Firmness: ☆ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ <Introduction of Elvamat> It is a leather born in TEMPESTI. It is a pull-up leather that has been beaten by the traditional Italian method and oiled with about twice the usual amount of oil. It has a solid texture that makes it stick to the hand, but it is a leather that is firm and firm as it uses the butt part that is filled with most fiber layers. Aging starts at an early stage, but since it keeps changing for a long time, it is used It can be said that leather is easy to attach. As you use it, the gloss will be created and the color will change deeply. You can also pull up the broken part and enjoy the color tone. Oil leather is easy to get scratched, but it is also characterized by making it harder to see if you lick it with your hand. ※ Because there are few places where the round zip bends, the change due to the pull-up is smaller compared to the three fold. <Elvamat recommended for such customers> ・ I like soft leather even though it has Kosi ・ I like leather of moist texture ・ I like leather that is more rustic than classy leather ・ I like leather that changes over time <A word from the maker> Fasteners are YKK Everbright (glossy polished series) gold color. The pull is a small, elegant, gold-plated, M and K yokoya book. By attaching a leather strap to the tip, the unity with the interior is added and the openability is improved. <Size> (after installing the interior) Height: 10.3 cm Width: 20.5 cm Thickness: 23 mm


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