Kimono pouch Using antique silk kimono # 2

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Kimono pouch Using antique silk kimono # 2


▼ Details Material: Silk (vintage kimono obi fabric) Size: 50 x 20 cm / depth 5 cm * Since it is made by reusing vintage kimono fabric, it may be slightly dirty. Please be careful when purchasing. * Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or custom orders. ▼ Delivery details Order preparation period: 1-3 days Delivery method: Yu-Pack in Japan, e-packet or EMS overseas (all with tracking service) Estimated delivery: 2 to 3 days for Japan, 7 to 20 days for e-packet, 2 to 7 days for EMS (It takes longer than usual to arrive due to the influence of COVID-19) Buyers are responsible for customs duties. ▼ Providing gift wrapping service You can attach a simple gift wrapping bag. Please let us know if you wish. Produced by: Kimono Upcycling Brand [Akizakura] At Akizakura, we usually keep the kimono that sleeps in the chest of drawers of the customer's home, and produce and provide parasols, folding fans, bags, etc. All products are made by skilled Japanese craftsmen. By creating products with the beauty of kimono and the craftsmanship that makes the most of it, we provide our customers with the "fun of having a real thing." I am very pleased that you can always feel the memories of your mother and grandmother by making the kimonos that you can use around you. This time, for customers who want to enjoy the beauty of Japanese style, even if they don't have kimono, we will make and sell parasols, folding fans, and caps using the kimono selected by Akizakura. To do. By disseminating the good old "Re (= regeneration) culture" of Japan at home and abroad, we will nurture the "heart of valuing things" and "heart of loving things" of people around the world, and increase the number of people with rich hearts. I would like to go. ■ What is "upcycling"? "Upcycling" is the recycling of products that have a higher value than the original products. Today, it is attracting attention as a sustainable approach. We reuse beautiful Japanese kimono fabrics to make various products. We make the lives of people all over the world beautiful with the kimono upcycling. During the Edo period, kimonos were repeatedly unraveled, washed, and remade, and have been worn for many years. And those that couldn't be worn were remodeled into children's play clothes, baby diapers, and clogs. Since ancient times, the Japanese have thought that things also have a life, so they had the spirit of valuing Japanese things. And those who have a "spirit of valuing things" are rich in heart. Akizakura is working on an "upcycling" to enrich the hearts of people around the world. ■ Why is it a "kimono"? The Japanese have been wearing kimono for a long time. Kimono like today was born in the Heian period (794-1192). Kimono is one of the traditional Japanese crafts, and is carefully made one by one by professional craftsmen using traditional techniques. By knowing the technique and feelings, you can feel the charm of kimono even more. Kimono is not just "clothes", as it is described as "art that can be worn". However, it is now used as a fertilizer for chests of drawers. At Akizakura, we would like to upcycle those kimonos and preserve the beauty of kimonos made by craftsmanship for posterity. ■ Why is it craftsmanship? All Akizakura upcycling products are made by skilled Japanese craftsmen. Made by skilled craftsmen, it is not only beautiful, but also durable and long lasting. Enjoy your daily life with beautiful products that make the best use of Japanese craftsmanship. In addition, the number of craftsmen is decreasing year by year due to mechanization. However, machines cannot make products that give a feeling of human warmth. We ask craftsmen to make products because we also want to support the craftsmen who are working with all their heart.


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Kimono pouch A "kimono pouch" made by upcycling the fabric of "kimono", which is a traditional Japanese costume.


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