[Custom-made] 65 × 80cm linen multi Cross (all 10 colors)

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[Custom-made] 65 × 80cm linen multi Cross (all 10 colors)


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This product is made-to-order for the page.
Since it goes into your order and payment is confirmed after fabrication, it will be charged about 10 days until delivery.
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(The photo above is a linen multi cross × 65Cm 65. https://www.iichi.com/listing/item/115649 )

Of linen kitchen cloth weaving Japanese craftsmen, size difference of the cross.

Planning of the dough is the same, but because the size is 65cm × 80cm, is a multi-cross that can be used tablecloth, interior of the cross, as such a large towel.

The material is water-absorbent than cotton, quick-drying is high, strength also chose a strong linen. Creators of the Aso area is, inherited the Omi upper fabric of tradition in Shiga Prefecture, Omi Koto locality, currently is mainly manufactures fabrics collection brand of apparel, it is a craftsman who knows woven with linen of the material.

In old-fashioned shuttle loom, we carefully woven from 1m of 2m per hour speed. Just does not cut the linen cloth in the kitchen cross size. As a kitchen cloth, in order to bring out linen of material of good to the maximum, we made the dough from scratch. We have woven a slightly high density thick of 25 fastest of the yarn. Even just touch the dough, clearly and its strong and solid texture you can you can see. I think as you see these linen is often also the first one. Features and comfortable to use good, soft and grow up feeling to knock out, which takes you looking forward to the kitchen work.

The dough and products, processing to soften also, does not even processing of the glue. Woven linen, is a raw state. First use is the texture of hard linen but, because it does not use glue, will become immediately soft to knock out. Gradually texture becomes better, please look forward to change your coming out of the taste growing soft and linen. Also that it has aimed at such things as who can use it long decades, you can use really long.

Takes an active part in the water around a water-absorbing property is exhibited, since enjoy the good and the aging of the feeling of the fabric, multi-cross you want to use in various situations of daily life.
By all means, please try to use in a variety of applications.

100% linen

Width 65 × length 80cm
The custom-made, fabric width of 65cm, you can specify your length.
Other size here https://www.iichi.com/shop/pint/artist/M4637172

[Handling Precautions]
For-weave up raw dough, when you pass by, it is a hard state where there is tension. Once or wash, please use the through water. During the first wash, it will cause shrinkage of 5 to 10 percent.
- Shrinkage and, as it can cause wrinkles impossible, dryer please avoid.


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