Coin type pearl and stone bracelet stripe agate (14 kgf)


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  • Two kinds of coin pearls were matched to stripe agate (fringe agate) with a faint transparent feeling and a line pattern
    It is a pearl of vivid red purple dyed with a slightly larger natural color thin pink pearl
    We will make the autumn attire brilliant colors
    Each personality complemented each other, it became a good feeling trio

    Metal parts are all 14 kgf

    About 20 cm in length
    Since it is not supple like a chain, we recommend a length that is 4 to 5 cm larger than the circumference of the arm (length adjustment is possible)
    There is a matching necklace

    Coin Pearl of 2 kinds was added to the strike lie poor gate with the fun design of the line which is with faint feeling of the transparency (striped agate).
    Pearl of light pink of a rather a little big natural color and Pearl of dyed vivid red purple.
    The look of the autumn is made showy by the vivid shade.
    The difference individuality brought it out each other other and was the trio which seems good.

    All metallic parts are 14 kgf.

    About 20 centimeters of length
    It is not flexible like a chain, so I'll recommend you 4-rather big 5 centimeters length more than the arm neighborhood (A chief can control it.)
    There is an even necklace.
    Production place / Production method
    Japanese Handmade
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Coin type pearl and stone bracelet stripe agate (14 kgf)

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