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ANANYA ~hecho con amor~
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New promotion 35% OFF * Moroccan kilim elegant booties black 38


Cute and now elegant booties. In a very well-built, all boots finished by hand. Inside uses a red leather, booties eye-catching just Oiteru. Heel Produce a style of goods in the elegant, it is likely to be active long until the early summer around not only the winter. Kilim to be the one that designers themselves were one by one carefully in the local. Attitude of the pattern on the features of the kilim, can not hold a two and the same thing. Nice shoes of only one in the world. Is the pair you want to wear fashionable's. +++ Morocco kilim +++ the Cotton, the thread of cocktail silk taken from the wool and vegetable dyed with natural dyes, Moroccan women go glance glance factored in your out, such as, is a rug that Build handmade from the beginning to the end. The size is different. Kilim of Morocco, which is designed in the creator of the head is characterized by a strange geometric pattern. +++++++ Important +++++++ Please read before you buy be sure, please purchase only person who was able to understand. ※ There is a case where stains and pen marks can be seen on the back and inside. So we have to deliver on Using no problem goods on the inspection, not please your understanding as a texture of handmade goods of one point thing. ※ leather has been used many natural leather, there is a leather peculiar smell of Morocco. Although we will fade even smell over time, if anxious, please dry in well-ventilated place. Because it is leather, sealed in plastic, etc., storage is strictly prohibited. Sure, set it aside in a well-ventilated place, it is recommended that it is sometimes sun-dried, even if you do not want to use. ※ Because colored article is there is a possibility of color transfer by friction and moisture, wearing a pale color of socks or clothes please avoid. +++ Column notes the time of purchase Please read. +++ ***Material*** Kilim (cotton, wool), leather ***Size*** · 38 (EU size) · 24cm (Japanese size)


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