Japanese Yukata and Obi Set of 2 Size Free x86-21a

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Japanese Yukata and Obi Set of 2 Size Free x86-21a


【About Yukata Set】 A set of traditional yukata and obi arranged in a retro-modern style. Please choose your favorite obi color number. 【About Yukata】 ■Yukata Material:Cotton 100% ■Free size: -Height about 163cm -Sleeve length (horizontal measure from center lining) : about 67cm -Sleeve Vertical Length :about 49cm 【Adjustment】 -Height adjustment :158-170 cm  -Hip adjustment :up to 120 cm ※You can adjust ”Ohashori”. Ohashori, is a dressing method to adjust length. Normally, because yukata is too long to wear, women need to adjust the yukata size and fold the redundant part again, hide it in the waist . 【About Obi Belt】 The photo of obi is posted the same obi color as the model.You can choose obi color. We have 2 types of the obi (reversible or heko belt) If you want to change obi type and color, please let us know. 【About Heko Obi Belt】 The obi of this set, is a Heko Obi belt type. Our original heko obi belt can be easily tied even if you are not good at tying obi. The characteristic of this obi, is that you can set and change its stiffness and size as you wish when arranging it. Enjoy the rich and luxurious style and the taiko style. Furthermore, the fabric has a traditional cloisonne pattern, giving it a bright look. ■Material:Nylon 48% Polyester 52% Made in Japan ■Size:Length 3 m 80 cm Width 37 cm 【Note】 The products on this site are sold at multiple stores at the same time. Therefore, when you place an order from the site, it may be sold out at other stores and may be out of stock. In that case, please change the color pattern, If it is difficult to receive the product after checking the future arrival schedule, we will cancel the order without permission. We recommend that you contact us by e-mail to confirm stock before ordering. For inventory management, we try to update in real time as much as possible, but please be aware in case of a shortage. 【 How to wash Kimono&Yukata】 1. Fold the kimono&yukata 2. Do not wash with anything else 3. Put the kimono in a laundry net 4. Select hand wash mode or dry mode button, mode with weak rinsing 5. wash 6. We recommend about 1 minute of spin/dry cycle with the weakest setting. 7. Do not use a dryer, immediately dry it in a well-ventilated place ※Due to the characteristics of the materials, the color may fade out. Therefore, it is recommended to wash separately from other items. ※ If you are concerned about wrinkles occurring after washing, you can put a cotton cloth over the kimono and iron it. 【How to Care for Obi】 Obi can’t be washed in washing machine It would lose its shape and get shrinked, lose its beautiful appearance. Just pull and stretch it back to the original shape with your hand, hang it on hanger in a room with good ventilation (not exposed to sunlight). Let the moisture to leave the obi dry "It is important to dry the obi completely every time after wearing it". 【How to Wear Yukata】 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEhWnc-VCdY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jo6IjcKYmw4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiildQ3xo2s ↓You can buy the OBIJIME here↓ https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/dqH3vzLS


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- Carefully selected cotton 100% fabric - Designed by a professional fuukakimono designer - Made in Japan obi belt - Quality ensured by Japanese standards


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