Half linen cat and fluffy soft shoulder bag * Sky blue A


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  • I used a half-linen fabric of soft colors, sky blue (sky blue).

    The Sky Blue type is made up of two kinds of fabrics of the middle cats, Blue Green type / Red type, this is Buru Green type.

    I think that it will become vivid color of fashion as well.
    Because I put dough and flower fabric in the middle (I put both sides in front and back) I recommend it to a cat lover.

    With the walnut button using the same fabric, we made it possible to close the mouth of the bag a little. There is one pocket on the inside. The inner cloth uses a dark blue-based floret fabric.

    I put a hand with a length that I can put on my shoulder. It is OK as a handbag.

    I do not have gore, but the lower part has a rounded shape and I put a little tack on the top, so I think that things will enter unexpectedly. The last picture is the size of the case when you put a regular size magazine (The magazine enters, the photo bag is another color.).

    Because it is made of cloth, it is light and can be folded, so I think whether you can take it as a sub bag when traveling.

    If you wish to ship, you can also click post (164 yen nationwide). For gift wrapping etc, please use Yamato bin. Even Yamato mail can be shipped a little cheaper than normal. (Kanto Koshinetsu 500 yen)
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Half linen cat and fluffy soft shoulder bag * Sky blue A

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