Italian leather wallet series - envelope ice green


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    * Nume leather wallet that shaped an envelope * This will be made with only one leather that was available at the moment
  • 【The leather used in this work is manufactured by Italy · Tempesti company, it is the finest Italian shoulder. "The more beautiful you use it," I chose the most suitable material considering long use. 】
    It is a fine double shoulder manufactured by Tempesti, a long-established tanner in the Tuscan region where many tanners gather.
    It is characterized by vibrant colors dyed with transparent dye.
    It is also characteristic that aging is easy to go out.
    As you use it will be polished with friction, it will aging moistly deeply and beautifully. It changes beautifully when you use it, so it will be fun to have your wallet surely.

    * Material: tannin tanned adult cow cow leather (finest Italian leather)
    * Size: T110 × W200 × D35 mm (Please allow some errors)
    * Leather Quality: solid thickness, leathery mat feeling, transparent leather with dye dyeing.
    * Color: Icegreen (It is leather that can enjoy aging.They change to a deeper hue due to friction and aging.)

    I made the long wallet of the shape of the envelope with the finest Italian leather which was finished with an ancient tan (licking) manufacturing method, "vegetable tannin tanning".

    The bill can be stored securely without folding, and the passbook enters.

    There are 4 card pockets in total, 2 sideways, 2 sideways, 4 pockets in total.
    Since the sideways insertion pocket is tailored to a larger size, we can store point cards etc. which are not standard.

    【What is Nume leather】
    Leather that was tanned (licked) with vegetable tannin (in a word "astringent").

    The tannins of plants are linked with collagen components contained in "skin", and using this property tanned leather by removing the collagen content from the leather is a leather nume leather.
    "Skin" is in a state stripped from living things. As it is, collagen makes it hard, and it gets rotten.
    This is "finishing" to "leather" with work "tanning".

    Modern leather tanning is called "chrome tanning" and a method using chemical components called chrome is common.
    However, recently attractiveness of vegetable tannin tanned leather has been drawing attention.

    【What is the benefit of tanned leather? 】
    Instead of being a stable material like chrome tanning, it is a material that can enjoy the change.
    It is not perfect when you get it, it can be said that attachment increases over a long time.
    In an ancient manufacturing method, the material is skin and plant astringency. It is a recommended material especially for people who are committed to natural materials.

    [Brackets are using solid brass as much as possible]
    Like leather, taste comes out enough to wear.
    As you start to use, because leather is tight, you may find it hard to close the bracket, but it will become familiar as you use it.
    Since the spring hook also wears out, if you make it easier to close it from the beginning, we will make this kind of adjustment because there is a risk that the hook will become loose in a short time.
    Production area / production method
    Origin: Japan Handmade
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Italian leather wallet series - envelope ice green

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