Compatible with all models "Gentle rain smartphone" name insert free shipping


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  • It is order making. Size and specification will change depending on model.
    iPhone: Camera lens hole on the back.
    Android: There is no camera lens hole on the back.
    Put the smartphone on the green part and use it. With a mirror.
    Common: Inside is white only. Three cards. There is one piece of paper in a little bigger vertically.
    Material: Polyurethane resin (Leather-like surface with concave and convex)
    ※ Other specifications may change depending on the model.

    ★ About design
    The image is a sample.
    Although it is basically the image, it is also possible to add names and anniversaries in the color of your choice in any place you like, or add your favorite motif.
    In that case, Illustrations will be hand-painted rather than image processing.
    Although it may not be an elaborate illustration, I will design it with all my heart, so I would appreciate your favor.

    ★ flow to shipment
    Please inform us of your desired model and design and color.
    I will show you the sample image planned to be completed according to your model with the message function.
    If you like it, make correction, correct it and design again if there is correction.
    After the design decision, we will place an order for the production consignment company.
    After that, it will arrive at your hand in about two weeks except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

    ★ Things to watch for
    · The image of your browser and the color of the finished product may differ slightly.
    · Because of manual sewing, deviation may occur, printing may be off by several millimeters.
    · Depending on the circumstances of the manufacturer, shipment may be delayed from schedule.
    Regarding the above points, we will not be able to confirm here, but we will receive it at your convenience, but if there is something to worry about, we will respond here so please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Compatible models
    - iPhone
    iPhone 5 / 5s / 6 / 6s / 6Plus / 6sPlus / 7 / 7Plus / SE
    * IPhone 5c can correspond with Android S size.

    - Android L size
    Galaxy S7 edge (SC - 02 / SCV 33), AQUOS ZETA (SH - 04 H), ZenFone 2, ZenFone ™ Go (SC - 01 / SCL 24), Xperia (SO - 03 H), ARROWS (F - 02 H)

    - Android M size and S size are stated in notes at the time of purchase.
    please confirm.
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Compatible with all models "Gentle rain smartphone" name insert free shipping

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