Can also be used for yoga! Batik Dye Ethnic Stretch Leggings Shorts <Mint>


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  • Blue Waters relaxing pants that you can dress fashionably from town youth to relaxing time!

    Stress-free superb comfort as if not wearing.
    Work, holiday, travel, pants are perfect for all your needs.

    This stretch pants of repeating succession is a particularly popular long-selling model among Blue Waters' pants!
    It is good only for those who wear this comfortable feeling!
    It is definitely becoming a repeater!

    Waist: about 60 cm to 80 cm
    Rise: Approximately 22 cm
    Inseam: about 51 cm
    Bottom width: about 12 cm

    Material: Rayon 90% Polyurethane 10%

    ● V letter that can be relaxed
    Comfortable to wear the waist is V shaped!
    It is very easy because it will not tighten.
    Enjoy superb fitting with superstretch material,
    It is a comfort that does not make it difficult even if you wear it all day.

    ● Pocket is also included so convenient! !
    ♪ with a convenient pocket for keeping small items
    ♪ looks cute with both sides attached

    ● feet relaxedly comfortable style
    Blue Waters' leggings pants were mainly made for wearing in town youth, repeatedly refined, and finest leggings pants were completed.

    It is a stress-free pants which can be very fashionable.
    It is a pants you want to wear every day at work, play or relaxation time.

    ● You can wear it long with a solid fabric full of luxury! !
    Blue Waters' leggings pants use only high quality fabric with firm thickness.
    Of course, you can wear it securely for a long time, finished in pants with a sense of quality.
    Sewing has also delivered only things cleared to strict inspections.

    ● Reputation that style looks better! !
    Blue Waters's reputation for styles to look good
    Stretch pants have been improved many times, according to the Japanese body,
    It was made by thinking to be the easiest to wear and a beautiful silhouette.

    Therefore, when wearing it is a very beautiful silhouette
    It is reputable that you can wear it so you can see the style well.

    【About size】
    Because it is very stretch fabric highly elastic,
    It adapts to one size and wider size.
    <When it is the size of Japan it is about 9 th ~ 13 th>

    The size shown is an error of 1 to 2 cm
    Please be forewarned as it may be there.

    【About batik dyed products of our shop】
    ● Because it is a product that is dyed by hand one by one, there may be some bleeding, dyeing unevenness and the like.
    Also, the color tone may be slightly different, but as each one is dyed by hand
    I would be pleased if you can understand this as a handmade taste as well.

    ● The manner in which the patterns are cut may differ slightly from the image depending on the way of cutting, but please understand in advance.

    ● Rare dyeing wax (brown) is attached, but please do not worry about this because it falls away.

    ● Batik Dye has a unique scent of wax because it is a dyeing product using wax.
    Although texture changes slightly, I would be pleased if you enjoy the unique texture and texture of batik dyed.

    Upon purchase please understand this point, please purchase.

    【About polyurethane】
    The stretch material polyurethane stretches to the extent that it gets surprised when it gets wet with water.
    Just rest assured that it will return to its original shape properly when dry.
    There are many customers who are surprised by how much they grow when washed,
    This is a feature of polyurethane material so there is no problem at all in goods.

    【Care instructions】
    Since there is a possibility of discoloration, please wash your first laundry with water as much as possible.
    Washing in the washing machine is also possible unless it fades.
    If you arrange the shape and dry it flat, there is a property to return to the original shape.

    Please refrain from using iron because it causes shrinkage of the fabric.
    Even very easy to clean ♪ You can patronize long.

    【About color】
    This site is made on Windows.
    Although I try to give as close color as possible in the image, the color of the product photo changes slightly depending on the monitor of the customer.
    It also differs slightly depending on the nature of fabric and the degree of light hit.
    Please acknowledge a certain degree of difference.
    We are accepting any questions at any time so please feel free to ♪

    【Precautions on wear】
    Products of lycra material are not suitable for sports which sweat a lot by hot weoga etc. because it is weak in water.
    Please avoid wearing in wet condition or moisture remaining condition.

    [Other notes]
    ※ Specify delivery date can not be received. In case of hurry or if you wish to receive on a specific date please consult in advance before ordering.
    * Please select the delivery method after considering tracking search & compensation in the middle of delivery. We can not assume the responsibility for lost or mail accidents.
    ※ If there is a mistake or omission in the address, the retransmission will be charged. Please be sure to check before ordering.
    * Returned goods due to customer convenience is not received. I need your help by a no claim no return.
    * Retransmission due to excess storage period will be charged.
    * Since it is handmade, the finish of each one is different.
    Production area / production method
    Bali Handmade Origin
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Can also be used for yoga! Batik Dye Ethnic Stretch Leggings Shorts <Mint>

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