Letter Set bird's net tea


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    The color and pattern of envelope lid is like elegant like a thin handkerchief. I would like you to see the real thing.
  • It is a letter set of watercolor birds and net tea menu.

    A royal road menu of retro cafe, Pura a la mode and strawberry parfait
    There are little birds nearby, "Hey, can I eat?"
    The sweets of the past may be accompanied by blueberries and kiwis
    Because the theme is "net tea", I drew it as an old-fashioned old-fashioned sweet.
    It became a glamorous and lovely design with the cooperation with the little birds.

    The lid of the envelope contains an original pattern pattern like a lace pattern in a roughly semicircular shape.
    I imagined good fabrics and wallpapers, and the border made a wavy and elegant atmosphere fluttering the edges.

    Anyone who likes birds, people who love sweets, people who like net tea, anyone from children to adults can enjoy it.
    A pure coffee menu, served please ♪

    2 envelopes, 7 paper letters.

    Size: approx 150 x 100 mm
    Paper: Riso paper

    Size: approx 190 x 140 mm
    Paper: Strathmore Lighting Raid N
    It's easy to write even fountain pen etc.
    - -

    2018.8.9 Sales start
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Letter Set bird's net tea

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