‘Yi Jewelry’金星 Venus (黄K金14K Yellow gold 14karat) (维纳斯 Venus) (五角星 Five-pointed star)


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  • 【设计概念 Design concept】


    Venus name comes from Roman mythology the goddess of love and beauty Venus.
    Venus and the earth revolve around the sun, around the circle will form five intersection, five points to connect is the five-pointed star.

    【材质&尺寸&备注 Material & size & Remarks】

    1. 黄K金14K 585。长: 20mm, 宽: 14mm。

    2.此商品皆可制作14K, 18K, 白金,欢迎洽询手工订制,需要五个工作天,不包含假日。


    1.Yellow gold 14karat 585. Long: 20mm, width: 14mm.

    2.This product can be made 14karat, 18karat, Platinum, welcome to contact handmade, we need five working days, excluding holidays.

    3. With six feet (48cm) Yellow steel necklace.

    【K金 保养&注意事项 Karat gold Maintenance & precautions】

    1. 用温和的中性肥皂水及软毛刷清洗,特别注意直接与皮肤接触的台座底部,还有镶钻处的细缝处都要清洁,否则宝石会因为油垢导致整体透明度降底而失色。

    2. 有抛光处理的饰品,要少使用含有研磨成分的牙膏或牙粉,会使有抛光处理的地方慢慢变不雾面;也不可用漂白水洗,否则会使金饰的色彩变淡。

    3. 清洗一般的汗垢,可将饰品浸泡在酒精中数分钟,取出后冲一下清水后即可,如饰品镶有彩色宝石或珍珠贝类,则不适用此方法。

    4. 使用超音波清洁机清洗,在清洗前需小心检查镶爪是否有松动,否则反而会因为其高频的振动而更加松动,镶座上的宝石因此而掉落的机率便会增加。

    5. 除了自己简易的清洁外,经常佩带的K饰品最好是2年作一次专业的抛磨与精镀处理,因饰品表面经长期磨擦,不但布满了细小的磨损痕迹,光亮度也降低,经由专业处理后,饰品便能回复当初美丽而璀璨的光芒。

    1. With a mild neutral soapy water and soft brush cleaning, with particular attention to contact with the skin directly at the bottom of the pedestal, as well as diamond-studded joints should be clean, otherwise the gem will be due to grease caused by the overall transparency of the bottom and pale.
    2. There are polished jewelry, less use of grinding ingredients containing toothpaste or toothpaste, will have a place to polish slowly become no fog; also can not be used bleach, otherwise it will make the color of gold ornaments fade.
    3. Cleaning the general sweat, jewelry can be soaked in alcohol for a few minutes, remove the red water can be washed, such as jewelry inlaid with colored stones or pearl shellfish, this method is not applicable.
    4. Use ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning, in the cleaning before the need to carefully check the claws are loose, otherwise it will be because of its high frequency vibration and more loose, inlaid precious stones on the probability of falling will increase.
    5. In addition to their own simple cleaning, often wear K jewelry is best for 2 years for a professional polishing and fine plating treatment, because the jewelry surface by long-term friction, not only filled with small wear marks, brightness is also reduced, through after professional treatment, we will be able to reply to the original beautiful ornaments and bright light.

    产地台湾 手工制作 Yi Jewelry设计 Made in Taiwan Handmade Yi jewelry design
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‘Yi Jewelry’金星 Venus (黄K金14K Yellow gold 14karat) (维纳斯 Venus) (五角星 Five-pointed star)

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