Carrying mosquito repair (round and round)

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Carrying mosquito repair (round and round)


● There is also a design difference "black glaze mosquito repair (shikaku)".
Matching please see.

With a dignified appearance, it is a mosquito repair with brass handles & bars that you can enjoy mosquito-repellent incense in summer as an interior.
Of course you can use it even if you leave it, even if you hang it somewhere.
You can carry around with a handle.
The natural soil pattern will relieve me for some reason.
Why do not you spend a hot summer with small items.
You can also play with flowers decorating them as flower vases.

Izu's soil pattern
I did not clay the clay that I digged with Izu, stick it thinly and paste it on the cloth, and the black part when I dug the soil is burning out a natural pattern as it is. Earth's original pattern emerges. Izu earth is designed as an accent of pottery, and I create it everyday.

There is no glaze on the part of Izu soil. Please think the same way as soil of the body. Since it is baked and water repellent (without affecting the human body) is applied after firing, water will not soak into this part. There is no change in color by using. Please enjoy the texture so that the pattern varies by 1 coat.
Although it does not peel off with a little shock (scratching etc.), when applying a strong shock (degree of cracking of the main body itself) it is chipped. In normal use there is no problem at all.

The color of the black glaze is matte black like a silver metal in some places.
※ The current inventory has a strong brown color.

● 160 mm in width × 80 mm in depth × 100 mm in height (200 mm including handles)
Weight about 430 g (470 g with handles included)

Since the bottom part is made thicker, there is a center of gravity on the bottom, making it difficult to fall down. Put a stick in the hole in the center of the mosquito coil, and hook it in the recess in the center.
You can easily remove the handle.

● If you would like to see a picture, please send me a message saying "Hope photograph" from the banner "Ask questions and order consultation".

※ This product becomes pottery.
* Since we are making everything by hand, please understand as the one point which color and shape differ slightly for each work.
※ Unless stated as "actual item", it will be different from the picture. Particularly in the Izu soil part, the appearance of color taste differs one by one. Though we send you, if you would like to see a picture such as color taste, please send a message "Photograph hope" from the banner "Ask questions and consult about this work" before ordering.

* When using mosquito coil incense, Yani of mosquito coil incense sticks to the inside of pottery and brass handle. Would you like, please wash with a mild detergent. Brass can be removed somewhat with metal polish (Piccard) or polished metal cloth.
※ Since brass is soft, you can easily adjust the strength of the spring of the handle.
If the spring is weak, please shake it swiftly and carry it out and it may come off, so please be careful. Springs are harder to remove if they are strongly wearing.
Please note that it may be hot if you hold the handle with the mosquito coil incense attached.


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