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    Available at the order production.
    We receive much for your time to the current delivery.
    We have announced the current delivery time in the profile page.
    We ask that you please confirm sure.

    [About the product]
    The total hand-sewn with saddle leather (the glazing leather)
    Finish Medicine bags.
    Exterior is a tightly packed benz portion of the fiber.
    Emphasize the sufficient strength and soft curve subjected to the piping in the inner.

    Opening and closing the magnet type.

    Curve, such as flowing next to the line carved in Canna while looking at the balance
    Eyes we will rebalance.

    Up the strength belt part also Hariawa a double-sided leather.

    Original bag that want embezzlement by more and more sunburn.

    【please note】
    Available at the order production. Please refer to the profile the current delivery time.
    So you can support even in the case of out of stock, please contact us.

    Leather Leather (tanning)
    Metal parts nickel

    Size Dimensions
    ※ about 21 centimeters in height
    ※ width of about 16 centimeters
    ※ depth of about 6 centimeters
    Size inside dimension
    ※ about 16 centimeter height
    ※ width of about 14 centimeters
    ※ depth of about 4 cm

    Please acknowledge that you somewhat out error of size for handmade goods.

    ●●●●●● Please read ●●●●●●

    ◎ Please note regard to the following points ◎

    ★ we produce Omotte close attention but may remain, such as scratches and attrition in the work.
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    尼泊尔US$ 13.89US$ 5.06
    柬埔寨US$ 13.89US$ 5.06
    澳大利亚US$ 19.66US$ 6.50
    新加坡US$ 13.89US$ 9.02
    中国大陆US$ 13.89US$ 5.06
    智利US$ 24.71US$ 12.27
    泰国US$ 13.89US$ 5.06
    香港US$ 13.89US$ 5.06
    菲律宾US$ 13.89US$ 5.06
    印度尼西亚US$ 13.89US$ 5.06
    越南US$ 13.89US$ 5.06
    新西兰US$ 19.66US$ 6.50
    南韩US$ 12.63US$ 5.06
    澳门US$ 13.89US$ 5.06
    阿拉伯联合酋长国US$ 19.66US$ 6.50
    黎巴嫩US$ 19.66US$ 6.50
    马来西亚US$ 13.89US$ 5.06
    日本US$ 7.22US$ 3.61
    台湾US$ 13.89US$ 5.06
    所有其他国家/地区US$ 21.65US$ 9.02
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Leather saddle bag Medicine [orders production

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