Large ribbon cut & gray × gold print


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  • "Large Ribbon Cut"

    The body is cut and the sleeves are shirt.

    A relaxed body contains a ribbon type foil print containing a print of the amip logo.

    The designer prints the foil print one by one.

    Bullemy sleeves with tacks have become cuff ribbon knotting specifications (we recommend twice tying because it is easy to get out).

    The thread of the same color as the print on the back neckline, the four corners of the brand name are stitched with △ stitch.

    Morning cut at the hem rounded.

    Comb one piece style if you put white skirt together.

    It is a design that chooses bottoms for pants or skirts.

    ※ amip is a sister brand of Rital. This product made Rattaru "big ribbon shirt (unreleased)" cut-sew version and made it easy to wear it.

    Material: domestic cotton 100% fleece-cut saw, domestic cotton 65%, nylon 32%, polyurethane 3% shirt ground

    There is a point to note about washing ※ foil print.

    · For washing, please set the liquid temperature to 30 ° C with hand wash, use neutral detergent for detergent, avoid washing rinse, please push wash.
    · Since the metal foil is weak against sweat, wash (hand wash) immediately after sweat on wearing, please shade in the shade.
    · Please avoid dry cleaning because it is dropped by dry cleaning solvent (perchlorethylene) and petroleum dry cleaning solvent (oil turpentine).
    · Please avoid chlorine bleaching as the foil will discolor.
    · When placing an iron on the foil part, be sure to apply patch and heat with low temperature dry heat. If you iron it directly, the foil adheres to the iron.
    - Please avoid avoiding discoloration and gloss of foil as it is stored in high temperature and humidity or polyethylene bags.
    · Avoid contact with stored products using insecticide or rubber, please avoid avoiding discoloration. Please keep alone.

    [Size] ※ M size only

    Length (rear center) 56 cm
    Bust 100 cm
    Rim width 104 cm
    Shoulder width 56 cm
    Heaven 19 cm
    Front down 9 cm
    Sleeve length 62 cm
    Sleeve length 34 cm
    Sleeve width 40 cm
    Cuffs (setting) 25 cm
    Collar width 1.5 cm
    Cufflink width 3.5 cm
    Front length 48.5 cm
    Production area / production method
    Origin: Japan Print: handmade by designer
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Large ribbon cut & gray × gold print

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