Tie Dye camisole browsing dress <Black>

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Tie Dye camisole browsing dress &lt;Black&gt;


Soft silhouette tie dye camisole browsing dress! The West has entered the rubber, wear browsing softly. Decoration of the ribbon is attached. Casually is the cover body can be designed. Fluffy silhouette is very cute. You are using a stretch of rayon blends there is a supple and elastic. Because it is a material that is smooth and very comfortable to wear dress. Without feeling like tightening because it is a fabric that worked quite stretch It is easier to have anyway wearing. Stress-free comfort! Feminine charm of a material with a sense of falling and Stone with a drape. It is certainly one that I would like you to wear to adult women. In addition, the bottom contains the tie dye pattern is the best feature of this dress. This dress is because it has one by one carefully hand-dyed after sewing, Handmade of taste can be enjoyed. Shoulder straps is adapted to be adjusted, you can wear to suit your size. In addition, such as cardigan person that shoulder out is anxious camisole It is recommended to put on. We designed and want to make a tie dye dress adult women are wearing. Color was also dyed in the adult color. This year's summer Please, by all means go out wearing a tie dye dress. Size: one-size-fits-all [Flat putting size] Bust about 38cm Length about 104cm Waist about 30cm (rubberized) Material: 95% rayon 5% spandex Lining: None Elasticity: Yes Sense of sheer: None When packing weight: 510g [Notes at the time of the purchase] ● some of the bleeding because it is a commodity that is dyed in one by one manually, such as dyeing unevenness There is a certain case. Although you may tint is slightly different, because it dyed in every single hand This is also I would appreciate your understanding and homemade taste. ● Because you are dyed in one by one manually, even if the attitude of the pattern is different from that of some image There you but Please note. ● This item is there is a risk of fall color because it is dyed. First it is recommended single wash to confirm discoloration. ● In addition, because of the one by one handmade product, size it has notation error of 1 ~ 2cm Please note that there is a certain case. On the time of purchase that I received your understanding of the point of here, please purchase. Origin / production method Origin Bali handmade


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