enrica linencoat pink

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enrica linencoat pink


Soft pink color, linen fabric dyed with dyes extracted from cinnamon. Linen is 100% of the cape. Title is writing a coat, since it is very sheer, long cardigan, gown, it is a cape in the form, such as before also called a free one-piece. Linen cloth woven in the country. Because it uses a very thin thread, craftsmen in constant attendance to the loom has carefully woven. Thin yarn woven fabric is light, airy and the texture. Of slub yarn, fabric using Fushiito twisted, leaving the section of the thread is a unique wrinkle sense of natural is attractive. Length is long, and the cool impression of the slab fabric, for the lightly thin fabric, comfortable to wear, is not felt heat and weight to look both. It may be in the shade of summer, one that Haore and kidnapping. You can use it as a cape of summer. Even if I wore casual denim style, even in the mature style, you can wear a wide range. So you can your laundry at home (net use), from spring to autumn, please enjoy a variety of coordination. In the use of the waist straps, also more spread variation of how to wear. Also tied in tight overlapping the previous alignment, also tied loosely together snugly. You can also that you use your taking the string. The facing portion of the collar, we use a smooth cotton cloth. In addition, the shoulder of tack while taking advantage of the sense of the fabric and pull the feminine atmosphere. In natural color, with fine materials and silhouette, it is wearing one with a grown-up woman atmosphere. [Material] 100% linen 【size】 ▼ ladies size40 (Actual size) Width 52cm, shoulder width 41.8cm, Length 114.5cm, sleeve length 57cm West Himocho of 182cm 【Washing】 Washable allowed. On top of the net use, you can you wash in the washing machine. 【accessories】 enrica hanger and enrica pochette (small drawstring bag) is attached. The enrica pochette, mini leaflet of enrica, material that was used in season collection (thread, etc.) is on. About enrica] Brand enrica is, you have the comfort and femininity to the theme. Also in Europe and the United States not only in Japan is pleased to announce the collection. Traditional materials and techniques, while to cherish the ties with people who meet, we carried out a clothes-making with a focus on natural materials and plant dyeing. enrica to deploy the Ladies' Collection line in select shops in Japan and overseas. Not most deployed in the web but, Pint! Encounters with last year, was "everyone's tool" project, which was carried out in "Kagure" of Urban Research. Very while the high level of the clothes making, until the choice of materials and sewing process, the brand there is a straight posture and warmth. Personality of Machida's designer will not appear. The manufacturing spun the edge, sewing and dyeing is domestic production. While the pursuit of comfort and beauty, says that arrived in natural materials and natural dyeing. Meanwhile, from the thought to the sincere Manufacturing in the natural posture, now that the efforts together. In the future, we are also planning Manufacturing of joint, but first we will introduce a collection of enrica in Pint!. Fine materials and, clothes enrica of feminine atmosphere Features. Come, I am happy if can try.


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