Plant tree dyeing linen tablecloth all five colors

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It is a tablecloth of plants tree x 100% linen cloth series. We made sewing simple so that the goodness of the fabric c



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Plant tree dyeing linen tablecloth all five colors


It is a tablecloth of plants tree x 100% linen cloth series. Shiga Prefecture Omi It is woven at the machine of Kamiyoshi Prefecture 40-count linen 100% fabric is woven in the machine cloth as a tablecloth and we are dyeing it with plant dyeing. Shuttle weave fabric, it is a specification that made use of the fabric ears as it is. When you see the fabric, I think that you can feel the thread of the spinning used at the apparel and the good quality stuck to weaving and finishing processing. I am using plenty of threads. Dyeing dyeing may cost dyeing due to its weight, so it is not easy for those of thick fabrics, especially plant dyeing tablecloths. The natural color of plant dyeing is beautiful in harmony with natural things such as soil, wooden vessels, foodstuffs etc, so we made the colors in this time as well. Dyeing is 5 colors in natural dye dyeing. There is also color softness and expression as well as chemical dyes, there is fun to wear and see. While using it, the color expression will also become good as the fabric grows up. Atmosphere that seems to be fine linen, texture and appearance are also good. The texture will increase as you use it. Because dyeing is plant dyeing, avoid using bleach or fluorescent whitening agent, please wash with general detergent. Because the color is easy to maintain as it is, shade is recommended. Because it is linen, it dries enough in the shade. ▼ Plant Dyed × Linen 100% Fabric Series All linen is 100%. Dye is natural plant dyeing, and cotton yarn is used instead of synthetic fiber so that sewing thread can be dyed. ◎ Product lineup · Table cloth (# 40) · Full apron (# 40) · Salon apron (# 25) · Square cloth (# 60) · Handkerchief (# 60) () Is the yarn count. High numbers are thin threads. ◎ Color and dye 5th Photo From the left, · Asao: Blue (Log Wood) · Wakaba Color: Green (Wormwood) - Soot color: gray (log wood) · Peach color: pink (rack) · Red purple color: purple (rack) () Is a dye. Even with the same dye, it will be different in color from the material used for mordanting such as iron and copper, which keeps color. Since color depth varies depending on fabric, please see each product page. ※ When ordering, please specify the color from these 5 colors. 【size】 Body: 110 cm × 160 cm Material Linen 100% 【dyed】 Plant dyeing [Handling Precautions] · Because of the plant dyeing, the color may become thinner if it is for a long time in a strong heaven sun. Shade is recommended. · Since the texture of the fabric is impaired, please avoid using bleach or fluorescent whitening agent. · Because it will cause shrinkage and wrinkle that can not be removed, please avoid the dryer. · For the handling of details, refer to the tag attached to the product. Also, if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


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