Gift tag of "Spring Awakening," Japanese pattern

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Gift tag of "Spring Awakening," Japanese pattern


The polka dots and needlework and chrysanthemum pattern entered were of Japanese Pattern Gift tag through the sparkling string in colorful paper. It was to set Align the tag of spring color. Than the first piece of the left in the photo, Dark green, strawberry, cherry, bright, grass 5-color, three pieces. It contains a total of 15 pieces. Himowa, sparkling thin string containing the lame. According to the paper color, mint, red, pink, yellow, white I wore the five colors. Gift tag size, horizontal 2.5cm × vertical 5cm. The length of the string is about 20cm. Since the kraft paper is such a compatibility also pen and Hanko is good. It is also wonderful to write with a pencil. Back it has become plain. Please be careful when handling because the string is using something delicate. Straps so only through the holes can be enjoyed at up to you! Even in the normal tag in the wheel, it is cute even if the ribbon knot. Along with a message to a small gift. As to your feelings will reach someone. Gift tag of kraft paper shine in a variety of wrapping ☆ Changing the string to another of tag ☆, you can also, such as made-to-order by specifying a pattern. Please feel free to contact us than the message. Insert name has not gone far. ☆ all, such as open cut or hole in the paper we manually. Although we have carefully manufactured, Please note that there might be a difference is seen in the size. Size: Horizontal Vertical 2.5cm × 5cm. About Himowa 20cm. **Notes at the time of the purchase** Open cut or hole by one point, have been made by hand, such as through work. We have carefully manufactured, but there may be seen a little bit of difference. Point to be worried about, such as the consultation of custom-made message than feel free to Please contact us.


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