【Autumn Happy Bag】 Pearl (Pearl) Long Necklace 2 Pieces Set June Birthstone

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【Autumn Happy Bag】 Pearl (Pearl) Long Necklace 2 Pieces Set June Birthstone


~ ~ ~ ❄ + 300 yen wrapping possible ♪ ~ ~ ~ ************ ========================== It is a 2-piece set of semi-long & long necklace. It is about 1800 yen about profit than purchasing one point at a time. This Happy Bag will be closed as soon as the stock runs out, We recommend you to purchase as soon as possible. ========================== It is an indispensable semi-long & long necklace for knitting and one-piece dresses. "Metal fitting material": All K14 GGF (14 KGF) Charm: 925 silver gold plating (It is not cheap brass but we are adhering to invisible material) "stone": Freshwater pearl: about 3 - 4 mm, semi round, terriy good, scratchy feeling: less About 2 - 3 mm, rice, terry good, scratchy feeling: less (RALULU.SHU is not a cheap shellfish pearl, Swarovski pearl, it is using authentic fresh water pearl with good quality) Why not use shellfish pearls? The price is cheap, there is no scratch, the shape is also good, but because there is no power, it looks cheap compared to natural pearls and it is not elegant [Overall size]: Approximately 60 cm / 90 cm ************ Stone language: health, longevity, wealth, pure, innocent Stone's power: ▲ bring out potential ability ▲ up artistic talent Pearls bringing happiness The pearl is said to be a stone with a strong power to repel the evil. It is said that there is an effect that will prepare the environment so that you can spend happy every day of the person holding it. Pearls are not stones correctly. However, it is said that the pearl exorcises negative energy, it will make the charm bright, and since various other effects are expected, it is treated as a power stone. Because the pearl exorcises evil and has the power to attract a heterosexual mind, it is known as a love jewel and is often used in wedding ceremonies as well. It is said that pearls have stronger protection from ancient times and protect the owner. You can expect effects such as relieving depression and irritation. Because the power of guardian is the strongest, there is also the power to protect children from accidents and diseases. It has the same effect as a shellfish compassionate pearls and grows in the body, and it is said to be effective as an amulet for pregnant women and easy delivery. For the same reason it is expected to be blessed with children's treasures. Increasing femininity, effective freshwater pearls for beauty and health Pearls are said to increase the motherhood of women and enhance beauty, femininity when wearing pearls, and it is said that Cleopatra was worn as a beautiful talisman in the old. When wearing pearls, a good side of the woman is drawn out, it has an effect to cooperate, and the appearance is also feminine beauty along with the inner side. From ancient times it has been believed that this stone has the power to preserve youth and health. ************ · 925 silver gold plating: Threads, cosmetics, detergents, sweat, baths, etc. are not allowed, blackening due to oxidation will cause peeling of the gold layer, so when you do not use, put it in the attached plastic bag with chuck Please keep it (even if the gold layer is peeled it will only return to silver) · K14GF (14 gold gold filed): Unlike thin gold plating of the gold layer, it is a gold layer of 1/20 weight of the base metal crimped with heat · 925SV (925 Silver): This is a material commonly used in accessories called "Silver". ************


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