Nadeshiko / lavender


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  • [All Products Earrings can be changed!]

    We received a visit from a certain number of products
    Thank you very much (^ ^)

    [Race in yukata]

    We made you the concept.

    Such as the summer of pink and purple
    [Colorful yukata] As look good on
    In the thread of beautiful lavender color
    Braided delicate and beautiful pattern

    Even after dark it becomes at dusk or at night
    As ear of accessories stand out
    We prepared in bright colors.

    To [Japan atmosphere]
    As finished
    The petals of 5 valve
    It has been expressed in tatting.

    To the outing of the summer]
    Pierce would like you to wear by all means.

    As there is also to wear picture
    Because it is a bigger accessories

    Also in season [to up the hair] now
    When the ear in the softly swaying
    There is a very strong presence.

    Of course, not only the yukata
    Or according to the maxi-length dress
    Such as pleated skirt and Sukantsu of the epidemic this year
    Kedomo's simple attire in plain

    To the time to spend a much-valued time]
    When you are with this earrings
    Coordination I think that brilliant.

    Techniques are those that [tatting lace]
    Use a thin lace yarn The material
    Dearimasu woven glance glance carefully.

    Since the material is made of a very thin thread
    [Lightly ear] even larger motif
    It is really easy even wearing a long period of time.

    All for the production of manually
    [Limited] has become the sales.

    Favorite things, things to be worried about
    If you have any other questions
    Please feel free to contact us.

    The item is
    [Light blue] [red] of
    Because there is color difference

    Even if it is good in the gallery
    Please see (^^)

    Thank you.

    # Race # Pearl # ribbon
    # Gift # wedding # hairpin
    # Adult cute # retro # Taisho
    # Cosmos # kimono # fireworks # Cosmos
    # Flower # Flower # flower

    Size: total length of about 5 cm (Part of the race: about 3.5 cm) ※ wearing image please refer

    **Notes at the time of the purchase**

    * Delivery method is to be cheaper even a little
    [Without security] we have selected the ones.
    If you wish to guarantee and receipt not please pre-consultation.
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Nadeshiko / lavender

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