type: compass (handmade wristwatch ticking a journey of life with aging)


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  • TYPE: compass
    · Seiko made quartz movement used (made in Japan)
    · We dare to feel uneven with the main body, dial and band
    · Non waterproof. We need to be careful about water wetting and rain etc
    · Materials used: brass, leather, reinforced plastic, silver
    Case diameter about 30 mm, height about 10 mm, belt width 18 mm
    · We are making a wrist size of 14 to 18 cm.
    (Please inform us of the larger size if you wish.)
    · Please fill out the desired belt color in the remarks column when ordering.
    We offer 3 colors BAND color, NAVY, OLIVE GREEN, BROWN. (The photo is NAVY)

    【Other hand-made flavors】
    The body of the wristwatch is made by processing brass one by one.
    Uneven baking at the time of welding, scratches by hammering at the time of processing, color unevenness at the time of dyeing will be made.
    It seems to be a used thing from the beginning though it is a brand new.
    Moreover, not only convenient functions seen in modern smart watches, even the waterproof function is not attached.
    Certainly this wristwatch is never in the elaborate and fearless form of mass production full of such worlds.
    However, this wrist watch has a core that does not stick to things common to the world.
    Unevenness and scratches will change the expression as well as years.
    Together with wearing myself, this watch also increases the taste along with changes, challenges and growth in my life.
    Things that change with myself.
    This watch is not the best condition when you bought it.
    Please do not miss it.

    One by one, handmade wristwatch making with feeling and heart.
    Therefore, neither the dial, the case, the leather band, nor any of them are exactly the same.
    And that one item you choose will continue to increase your original values with your values and your life.
    One year, three years, five years later, what kind of time will be engraved on this watch and it will change.
    After 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, you will change and change at what time.
    The joy of living the time irreplaceable, pleasure of secular change.
    Wearing age-related changes on a daily basis should brighten your future life.

    Although aging is a word commonly seen in wallets and key cases, I believe that it is the watch that always wears and always wears the same time, so it is the one most felt over the years.
    At the time of challenge and change in life, there should be everyone to be uneasy and to lose confidence.
    However, I think that it is time to encounter such challenges and difficulties, it is the time of great growth as a human and it is time of change.
    Beyond that you will be waiting for the taste of your own life and people.
    When you face difficulties, when you feel insecure and full of chest, please look at the watch on your arm.
    The wristwatch that swore to myself as a time of yourself will give you courage and power and should push your back.
    "STAND BY YOU." I support it. I support you.
    This watch always carves with you, carving my life that is never again.

    If you want to see more in detail please visit HP.
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type: compass (handmade wristwatch ticking a journey of life with aging)

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