Night of the story of Roman glass and stars


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  • [Long Through the years, the miracle was met] N244-1

    And argentation glass of ancient Roman times, is a necklace that was produced in natural wood zelkova.
    The Roman glass surface of the coffee color is a deep, called Silver and Aurora color spots and argentation phenomenon has studded like a star, is like if I were watching a small universe.
    Crowded wrapped this little universe in carefully surround tree of zelkova like, the back is hollowed out in a donut shape, it was to pass through the light in the glass. And holding up to the light, a small space in the like soft light is lit, it will be aroused imagination.

    With regard to the zelkova, street trees and parks, I think many people that saw the name in the school or the like. Very high greatly growth, wear a lush leaves Wasawasa and body, is rich and raw full of full of strong wood. Internal peeling off the bark, but is quite different from the grow environment and old, zelkova, which was used this time to draw a gentle curve, is very gentle. Of us emits a very supple gloss and polish is also a feature of the zelkova.

    Neck in from the distant land of Africa Ethiopia is using the silver beads was finished in every grain handmade by skilled craftsmen.

    Shine with the respective material us, to be safety each other and more drawer in each other, in the feelings referred to want to deliver until the hearts of those who stare, is a necklace that was produced over a period of carefully time.

    Decollete will come become a length under one around from line to wear.
    Wood itself is of very light, but there is a sense of weight, so we have to use a lot of metal.

    ... And Roman glass
    Before more than about 2000 years from now, are produced in ancient Roman times, it refers to the glass that has been actually used in everyday people. Among them, some kind of reason in a glass that had buried in the soil, occur chemical change in the soil through a long long Years, the film will occur on the surface of the glass. Every time overlapping the time, over and over again is the film like a strata formation, by which the light is diffused reflection to that place, it will emit light, such as Aurora. In this way, that causes a chemical change by the glass is the power of nature called the "argentation" and refers to the fact of such a glass as "argentation glass".
    Roman glass, the glass of the components and the soil of the environment and climate, and long long Years ... can by acting these works, will be said to the miracle of crystal. Nature of creation is so can not also artificially produce it. Therefore, it has become a very valuable presence.

    Roman Glass
    Zelkova trees (natural wood)
    Ethiopian Silver
    Labradorite (natural stone)
    Black tourmaline (natural stone)
    Metal / Silver 925, brass Cobi

    Oil matte finish

    Neck: 52 ~ 61cm
    Total weight: 98g
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Night of the story of Roman glass and stars

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