[Orders] production Heaakuse shoes access, 4-way plate / Silver triangle design <Unisex>


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  • - Material: 950 Silver, a thickness of about 0.8mm, size about 3cm × 3cm
    Design: Triangular cross design

    ※ Note: This Heaakuse shoes access plate, but we have to take into account the strength,
    There is a possibility to bend a strong impossible is applied. When the bent is
    Gently not please return us to the original form.

    This product is the second piece of your photo, it will be the sale of the plate only.
    Share your photos, it will be your sample.

    Silver plate to draw a design, we will cut out all the parts in the jig saw.
    And we will complete honed to simmer shiny.
    One by one hand-made for, but there is a possibility that the difference of some form occurs,
    We hope you enjoy the homemade warm.

    ▷ Use Example 1: Hair (the first piece photograph)
    Through the black rubber that is sold in such as 100 圴 to your favorite location of the plate
    Just as you can wear your normal of the hair elastic.

    ▷ Use Example 2: footwear accessories (the first piece photograph)
    To your favorite string of part of your existing sneakers but please wear through the plate.
    Because the plate is a metal, it is likely to be somewhat attached darkening fabric of the shoe laces and shoes
    There. And back and shoes fabric of the plate the masking tape as a preventive measure
    There is a way where I am stuck on where the shoe laces touches.

    ▷ Use Example 3: necklace (photograph 3 sheets eyes)
    Your existing ribbon, chain, please wear through, such as the leather straps.

    ▷ Use Example 4: Bracelets (4 sheets eyes photograph)
    Your existing ribbon, chain, please wear through, such as the leather straps.

    Such as anklets and bag charm also in the other, your freely triangular plate

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    ※ will be delivered in BOX packing.
    ※ I will wipe gently after your use dry cloth, to zip with clear back the enclosed
    If I am to keep it, it will be to prevent oxidation.
    Brass will continue to change in color of the texture, such as the antique with time.

    Hair necklace bracelet shoes accessories

    Silver triangle design hair / shoes 4 ways accessories
    Origin / production method
    Japan handmade
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[Orders] production Heaakuse shoes access, 4-way plate / Silver triangle design <Unisex>

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