Beads Kachu arm (Clear Gold) wide


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  • Semi-transparent clear gold is likely familiar with the hair
    There is elegant atmosphere in the serene shade
    Easy-to-use color of the beads Kachu arm

    Also points to show us soft and brighten the complexion

    There is a sufficient presence, let me transform the hair style to a jerk and gorgeous

    Also down hair style ◎ together even up style ◎
    Raise the bangs ◎, even down the bangs ◎
    Fashionable ♪ and jerk in the only plus a little a change in hair style

    Even as a necklace to match your mood and coordination
    Please enjoy 2way so able to use your ♪
    (Please refer to the 3rd photograph of)

    Even than the Katyusha wore a long period of time because it is difficult to hurt the head OK! !

    Mom child is present, since when has the accessories to the neck child pulls
    I think you or did not enjoy a really fashionable attached not ...
    This accessory is all right even if pulled because the back part rubber! !

    The other also "colors" or "three braided" type
    There is a bead Kachu arm
    ※ "Clear Gold three knitting"
    ※ "tortoiseshell three knitting"
    ※ "Pearl beige wide"
    ※ "black wide"

    Beads and rubber
    Hardware: Gold-plated

    Length: about 52cm
    Width: about 2.5cm
    (There is a thing that some of the error for one one handmade occurs
    Please acknowledge)

    ※ rubber portion of Kachumu are pleased to offer two types of color
    Please tell us your favorite color in the remarks column when ordering
    You will when there is no specification is not selected here
    (5th photo "above: under Brown: Black" a not please refer)

    ※ It is delivered in a non-standard-size mail (Japan)
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Beads Kachu arm (Clear Gold) wide

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