Animal × gloss print cut Parker <Men's>


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  • Parker is the cut material was printed foil from the top of the illustration of hand-painted crocodile.
    Since the cut is the material, you can wear at Ron T sense.

    Children of crocodiles, such as the graffiti with a crayon print is humor enough feeling.
    And subtle blurring and Zara with the drawn line of crayons is faithfully reproduced in print,
    It exudes artistic atmosphere.
    Boldly sparkle of pasted was such foil print and Beta' is,
    Yurui to crocodile and well-balanced contrast, it causes further complement the entire print.

    Special attention to the shape of the body, is IIBOU original that was produced from 1 causing the paper.
    Patterner that contains the tailoring of the French expression is the application of that knowledge,
    It has been pursuing the ideal of the silhouette.
    Since the shoulder width is set to be snug against the spacious width,
    Not to loose yet over size,
    It produces a mode sense and moderate feeling of relaxation.

    In such pop world of print of a child is, it rests on the clothes of the calculated beautiful silhouette
    It finished in the mode of fashion items that adults can enjoy.

    ************************************************** ************************************************** *******************************

    size: Men's one-size-fits-all
    Length: 80cm
    Width: 60cm
    Shoulder width: 40cm
    Sleeve length: 73cm

    Material: Cotton 100%
    Not too thin not too thick, use the orthodox medium build fabric.
    You can also wear to suit a wide range of in any clothes.

    Body color: white

    Print: silk screen / Pink Gold Foil Print

    ************************************************** ************************************************** *******************************

    Notes When washing ※
    You can then wash as usual in the washing machine.
    Please your laundry into the net because the foil section is delicate.
    Because it becomes the cause of the cracks or with a wrinkle to strongly dehydration to when the foil section or squeezed,
    Be squeezed by hand Avoid dehydration time is recommended that where I am as short as possible.
    Origin / production method
    made in Japan
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Animal × gloss print cut Parker <Men's>

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