mini Kokeshi * Amitabha customers * strap * Heart ♥ Poron ..... [11]


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  • mini Kokeshi * Amitabha customers * strap * Heart ♥ Poron .....

    mini mini Amitabha clients strap !!
    And very Chisaku', is cute ... o ○ ☆

    Anytime, anywhere they have watched with me Amitabha like ☆ ...: * · °
    When I got a little lonely, when you feel that it alone
    You are a friendly Amitabha like who will smile by ... and not alone

    · Dumpling part is, you have a strong bond, but or pulled, such as a strong shock
    There is also a possibility that the take. Note the handling ♪
    - Height 3.3cm is about
    And living water of the aqueous acrylic varnish (synthetic resin paint) is a gloss finish
    Draw a line in the wood burning, it is painted with acrylic paint

    :::::::::::::::::: ○ strap and the work of the earphone jack ○ ::::::::::::::::::

    One, but we are one carefully production, because it is handmade of work
    Unlike the commercially available by the company manufacturers, durability is weak. . .

    Varnish has been used in brooch or strap, which is also introduced to such production this
    It finished with water-based acrylic varnish of life water-resistant coating film (synthetic resin paint).

    But, by how to handle and frequency of use
    There is a thing called or melted by heat or have been peeled off or scratched ....
    You may not suitable for anyone who wants to use long in a beautiful state !!.

    Customers should understand the fact that it is such a handmade goods
    Purchase decisions are considering the purchase ... I think (people 'v` *)

    ☆ ━ will be the work of the sale of the photos ━ ☆
    Just so we have also sold in other
    By any chance, if sold out will be [orders system work]!
    In such a case before submitting a purchase also will be asked to confirm in advance in the photo.
    If you have you like, thank you order ♪
    Those who are worried, uneasy is, ♪ Please feel free to contact us
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mini Kokeshi * Amitabha customers * strap * Heart ♥ Poron ..... [11]

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