Plant dye 5 · Large format cotton · Long stall / Marigold dyeing · Geometric pattern of circle and line

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atk 逛设计馆

1~3 日
Plant dye 5 · Large format cotton · Long stall / Marigold dyeing · Geometric pattern of circle and line


It is a large-sized long stall with relaxing size cotton-planted with flowers of marigold.

It is hand-dyed one by one, just by the yellow flower part of marigold.
Soft, very touchy, gentle touch, pleasant stall.

The size is about 66 cm wide, so it's nice to sprinkle over your shoulder. The length is about 184 cm. (Including about 8 cm tassels) 92 g. From marigold dyeing stalls 1 to 4, it is a large size long sized. The fabric which the geometric pattern of the circle and the line emerges in the whole is raised.

When the light hit, the part of the pattern looked a little brighter, and it became deep yellow. It is a beautiful stole not only for spring days but also for gold which looks good in autumn.

In plant dyeing, plants contain many pigments, so even on sunny days, cloudy days, under fluorescent lights, etc., colors look slightly different.

This time I shot it on a cloudy day, but I feel a life force of marigold that took plenty of sun, it is a powerful coloring.

Because it is easy to use cotton material, when the seasons change, when the air conditioning is cold, all season, please utilize!

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Width: about 66 cm
Length: about 184 cm (including tufts at both ends, 8 cm each)
Material: Cotton
Dye: Flower part of marigold
Production area / production method
Japan / hand made


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