freshwater pearl can change to pierced earrings

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freshwater pearl gold plated / 14k gold filled can change to pierced earrings



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freshwater pearl can change to pierced earrings


!!! This item is clip-on (Can be changed to pierced earrings) Please choose option ear plated (gold plated) or ear needle (14kgf hook) * These pearls has a little scratches and dents, (rank AA) The application was completed. * Clip-on customer If your earlobe little thick, you can remove ear rubber pad. Which can be used. length: 7.5cm material: freshwater pearl AA (a little scratches and dents) parts: Gold plated or ear needle (14kgf hook) wire: 14k gold filled ※ This item is an earring product. If you want to pierce Please be sure to choose earrings or earrings from the options. Simple and easy to use for any situation It is a perfect earring. ※ This freshwater pearl is from AAA rank We use grains with some difficulty such as shape and scratches. Various shapes and widths from potato-semi-round It will be a mixture of rounds. There is gloss and shine. It will be inconspicuous if viewed from a distance. Please note those who are interested. For that reason, the price is slightly reduced. ‼ ︎‼ ︎ discerning earring parts‼ ︎‼ ︎ For earrings It is a neat silhouette without the usual round ball. Furthermore, it is comfortable to wear with a clip type. No round ball No thread spring‼ ︎ A rubber cover is attached to the back. If you feel tight, even without a rubber cover You can use without problems. I don't see much in other stores that were not likely The shape of the earrings. Parts that earring users should try out. All 14kgf is recommended for gifts and gifts! ~ Model use feeling ~ It is a freshwater pearl with some difficulty, Easy to use daily item with gloss. Earring parts are easy to use above all As soon as there is a round ball, you will know that it is an earring. Anxious, the screw spring hurts, it is an earring that wipes it off wonderfully. There seems to be no problem even without a rubber cover according to the thickness of the earlobe. Stable enough not to worry about a small run. <Size> Full length earring / pierced earrings 7.5cm Freshwater pearl diameter 6.5-7mm <Material used> Freshwater pearl AA (Scratches and dents that are more difficult than AAA rank I'm using) <Used parts> Earring gold plated (Unlike gold filled, discoloration is unavoidable, (Wipe frequently with a soft cloth and occasionally wash with a mild detergent and store in a zipped bag.) Earrings 14k gold filled (hook type) Other metal parts 14kgf ※ We deliver nano jewelry coating so that you can keep a better condition for a long time. * Some scratches may occur due to the use of tools. Please understand. -About shipping- Since we live in Vietnam, we will ship from Vietnam by international airmail. (2 weeks from the date of shipment) -Please read before purchasing- ・ AN (Japanese) is handmade one by one. -Please understand that there is a slight difference between the photo and the actual product because it is a handmade product. ・ Photos may look slightly different depending on the device you are viewing. -Please be careful when handling the delicately made. ・ Natural stones may show shades of color, inclusions and cracks, but please understand that they are unique and attractive due to natural stones, except for obvious defective products. <How to care> After use, please wipe gently with a soft cloth without abrasives. After that, we recommend that you store it in a bag with a zip. Produced by Japanese / Made in vietnam


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