Rabbit piercing Netherland dwarf monaural / matte gold


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  • Piercing the ear! What? Rabbit pierced too cute. Mr. Usagi is a must-see.
    -------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------
    ※ It will be the price of one side. In case of both ears, please order 2 pieces.
    -------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------
    · Material brass / K18 GP (matte gold finish)
    - Size length 19.3 mm (from ear to heel) Side 8.2 mm (the thickest butt portion)
    Weight 3.7 g
    ※ It is price of 1 piece. When ordering in pair, please purchase with 2 pieces.
    Even if it is set as "Rop year", it is cute ♪
    -------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

    Pierced earrings with a rabbit innovative shape!
    Rop year sticking to the ear! What?
    Even if you see it from the front, from the side or from the back ...
    I made it so that every angle looks very cute.

    It expresses the hand of the rabbit who raised the upper body tightly.
    The feeling of weakness out of the whole body of Tikara heals points!
    The engraved coat looks more lively looking.
    I'm really cute as I wear a round tail wrapped in a hip ♪

    If you can only do unobtrusive earrings at work,
    Even if you wear only front (upper body) it is cute.

    ※ If you wish to wrap, it will be simple wrapping according to thickness restrictions if you select 【mail service】 for post posting. Please note.
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Rabbit piercing Netherland dwarf monaural / matte gold

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