Paeon's corsage pink


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    Lightly wear comfortable acrylic corsage
  • We received the customer's voice that "Rose brooch" is used with two different colors as a corsage.
    So, may it be possible to have one that can be used gorgeously? I thought, I tried making ♪

    Speaking of a bigger flower than rose is a peony medicine (shakuyaku). . . What?
    That's why I added "Peony" to the title.

    "Corsage" is a brooch-like one with a flower as its motif, but "Rose brooch" has a small size and dared to express the expression corsage dare.
    Since this time it became the same size as a corsage such as general cloth flower, lifting the name of the corsage? I would like to ^ ^

    I tried arranging "Rose brooch" on the fourth picture ^ ^
    The paper laying under is the size of a postal postcard.

    Like a rose brooch ", I make acrylic resin petals with transparent feeling and a solid shape sewing one by one to felt so as to become a flower shape.
    The appearance has a plump and voluminous appearance, but finished in a lightweight that I can not think that made with beads ♪

    I heard that the foundation cloth is "felt", is not it a solid shape as it is funny? Maybe some people seem to be worried. . .
    This brooch holds the core between felt sewn with petal beads and felt sewn brooch pin, so please be relieved ^ ^
    Of course, we choose materials with light core material.

    As you can use with peace of mind, we will add one silicone brooch stopper.

    We have asked you that you purchased from the customer's ceremonial occasion such as graduation ceremony / graduation ceremony, entrance ceremony / entrance ceremony, wedding ceremony etc.

    We are also preparing different colors, so please have a look ♪
    "Pink" is less transparent than "Light pink".
    Light Pink:

    ◇ ◇ ◇

    Acrylic beads of petals may have small uneven color, small dust inside.
    Please note.

    Since the core that is pinched between the felt of the broach is a material weak against water, please be careful not to get wet with water.

    Petal and flower beads are sewn with freehand positions, so the arrangement is slightly different one by one (there is an error on the 5th photo).
    We appreciate your understanding.

    It is delicate, please handle carefully.

    Material: acrylic resin, glass, polyester, metal, paper
    Size: Length of about 8 cm × width of about 8 cm
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Paeon's corsage pink

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